sony: SRF-M37V - Audio distortion on one channel - repair

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Jose Mesquita
Jose Mesquita
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02.Jun.21 22:22
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This unit developed high distortion and low volume on one of the audio channels.

Checking the audio signal at the stereo volume potentiometer revealed normal levels at the IC2 LA4535M  pins 2 and 4.

So, I have ordered a LA4535M IC and replaced the old one with a fresh component.

As I am not living at my usual place I do not have accesss to my workshop. Try to use a regular soldering iron to solder a mini SMD component legs over a fragile PCB that can not stand heat without destroying the ultra mini copper traces.After some effort I managed to get all the IC legs soldered to the PCB and without any shorts between them.

The offending component, semi destroyed during the removal procedure due to the use of improper tools:

The new IC2 installed and working on both audio channels: