stern-sonn: 5120; Halle

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Jamie Skinner
Jamie Skinner
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30.Apr.14 14:46

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Hi, Would it be possible for someone to translate the Tuning Cord page as I need to re-string the dial cord on my set and cannot as the text is in German. Google Translate won't let me do it as I think the PDF is Copy-Protected. 



Michael Watterson
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06.May.14 11:01

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Almost all the service & Schematic pages on Radiomuseum the PDF is just an envelope, the files really are just scanned images, which Google can't translate.

Upload photo of front of chassis and explain what the problem is?

Georg Richter
Georg Richter
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07.May.14 00:16

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The tuning cord page (*sei1.pdf) has text in german, english, french and spanish language. Where is the problem?

Best Regards,


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