Story of the Howard Radio, 1937.

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Story of the Howard Radio

The name of Carnegie has been associated with music and musical instruments since the beginnings of the industry in Australia. Amongst the first people to produce an Australian-made piano it is only to be expected that they should have been early in the field with the manufacture of an Australian designed and built radio. This was the Howard receiver, in the design and construction of which a government expert, F. J. Henderson, co-operated with Mr. Walter Howard Carnegie, the youngest of the four brother-directors.

Since then, the business has grown into one of the largest organisations of its kind in Australia with enlarged factory premises occupying 3½ acres and output of many thousands of radio sets per annum.

By making all their own component parts, including cabinets, the firm has built up a reputation for Howard radios that rivals that which has always been enjoyed by their pianos. In new ideas in radio and piano construction, the Carnegie brothers have always been well to the fore. Many people will remember a gathering at which was demonstrated for the first time an idea for a combination radio-piano. This is still in process of development. Nor has the manufacture of pianos been allowed to lapse during the public preoccupation with radios. The revival of interest in piano playing is finding Carnegie’s as ready as ever with developments in piano frame construction of the latest improved type and with cases specially designed to harmonise with modern furnishing.

The Australian Home Beautiful April 2, 1937, Page 58.