telefunken: 337W; Weltklasse 1937=T530WK?

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Francisc VISKY
Francisc VISKY
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25.Oct.07 20:39

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Hello to everybody! First of all I am the happy owner of the Radio Katalog-s by Erb Ernst. Beautiful work done… well done.

I checked it out with one of my radio set. Is a Telefunken . On dial it is written the type T530WK but on the back is 5A.

 In the catalog (pg. 285): it appears at Austrian branch but with other name (337w?) as an reflex super. It is true that on my set there is a label with 5A . What is under the label only Mr. Erb knows?!  



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Wolfgang Bauer
Wolfgang Bauer
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20.Sep.16 09:35
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Beitrag wurde zum richtigen Modell verschoben und damit ist die Frage geklärt worden.

MfG. WB.