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Administrators Link - & - Site Statistics by Ernst Erb

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Roy Johnson
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21.Jul.07 00:42

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Below is a very free translation of some of the points in Mr Erb's note of the 20th July.



This link is on the home page (left hand side) serves not only the administrators, but also is there for you to use. Here you can follow the work of the model administrators, as long as a model is being considered and “processed”. Then (and afterwards) you can contact a Model Administrator with information even if you are not directly concerned. Ideally submitting  proof and references for any information submitted.
Note, please, that model Admins cannot be all-knowing.  Often others have more detailed knowledge and can greatly help by adding proven facts.   The Model Admins must be very fussy about details and bring to bear their general wider experience.  The bringer of the new model may lack this or may be an expert – the Model admin does not necessarily know! There may also be a difference of opinion between the Admins – they are only human.
If you wish to see the history of changes already made, or want to suggest a change, please click on “Suggest a change” on the link bar at the bottom of the model page itself.

RadioMuseum Officers.

Also on the Administrators page you can find the names of the officers and administrators under the various classifications.    Click on “staff” (officers) on the link at the top right of the Administrators page.


Changes and new suggestions, which have not been completed after 48 hours on the “Last 20” list  are removed automatically without notice. The renewal “costs” 15 seconds of computing time against the present 30 ms. The small disadvantage benefits by bringing a 450 times faster processing (in 5 languages)! That is crucial during the rush hour (in the evening).  


Server load - still it increases:
I am astonished: Still we have an amazing increase of the number of visits – up from last year by far more than 50 %.

You can see the attendance by clicking on the link  Nedstat  which shows the statistics for this site, and scroll down below the advertisement. 

In last month, for example, we had an increase of 82.7 % over the same period in 2006. In this period it was "only" from 69.2 % from 2006 over 2005. In actual numbers the increase was from 168,532 is in the previous year to 257,833  visits  this year  in the weak month June.  The comparison 2004 to 2005 was 125,929 to 203,861 visits (61.9 % increase). The increase in this year was thus even greater than that in the previous year.


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