The Modern Aladdin's Lamp

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Emilio Ciardiello
Emilio Ciardiello
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24.Apr.13 18:18

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Just posted by Ron w4ron, Tube Collectors Association, the link below to this fascinating documentary film from the AT&T archives. Enjoy it.

WE film


Robert Gillespie
Robert Gillespie
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17.May.20 15:32

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This film works even today. Here we are, 80 years later, and so much of the world is still unaware of the impact the vacuum tube has made on modern society.

In the film, the guy is gesturing towards the tube in the transmitter cabinet. If we went to any modern day radio station, we would be making a video of virtually the same technology. Little signal in, GIANT SIGNAL OUT.


Ernst Erb
Ernst Erb
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17.May.20 20:37

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What a pity that they do this jump from Edison's lamp to the vaccum tube of de forst without mentioning the few yars of the Felming trube only from the UK.

Thi triode would not have been "that early" with out the fleming diode tube of 1904.