Bush UK and Export Models related to Irish Models

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Generally the Bush Ireland models are UK export model designs with a Shortwave band replaced by Long wave. After 1955 they may use the cabinet of a UK model with VHF. Certainly up to 1962, no model for Irish Market would have VHF Radio. TV started 31st December 1961, so earliest TVs for Irish Market as well as VHF radio, by any maker are from 1961-1962 season onwards. From early in 1950s TVs and from 1955 sometimes VHF Radio were imported to receive TV in East Coast from Wales, later in other areas from Northern Ireland too (Divis, Black Mountain, Strabane).

There are some Battery Radios in regular table cabinets; 6V Vibrator driven (using a Plessey type 6SR7 synchronous (i.e. self-rectifying) vibrator unit for a mains design), 2 volt and 1.4V types. Possibly some 2V accumulator models but with 1.4V valves (B7G).

There are some Rank Organisation "Bush Ireland" TV sets and Transistor radios.

Model Relationships (incomplete list, Related models are often UK Export )
Irish Related UK Cabinet Bands Comment
AC12   AC41 L/M/S Wider cabinet
BS21   AC34 L/M/S  
BI21       No known UK equivalent appearance
BS35 EBS35 VHF55 L/M/3xS But series valves like EU35, so different transformer
BS40   VHF70 L/M/S no protruding wavechange switch
BS50 EBS50 VHF90 L/M Might be battery model, no bottom switch
ETR92T ETR92 VTR103 L/M/S Telescopic Aerial, red rexine band on case
TV244DS TV161 Rank A640 VHF/UHF Hybrid DS TV, 405 & 625 on VHF

Information from UK collector who has some of the models and manuals listed.

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