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Gary Cowans
Gary Cowans
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                For improvements in cabinets for wireless receiving sets such as are employed for the reception of broadcast programmes. Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the improved cabinet, one object of which is the arrangement whereby the amplifying apparatus occupies a minimum space, whilst a maximum sound amplification is produced.

                Another object is to provide a cabinet wherein the closing of the hinged lid puts the apparatus out of service for reception by operating a switch to break the filament current supply to the thermionic valves. The cabinet (5) of veneer wood is constructed with an open end (6) and a hinged cover (8). The body of the cabinet is divided by a shelf (9) into two compartments (10 and 11), the lower having a hinged swinging door (12).
The upper compartment is provided with a front panel of ebonite, upon which is mounted the control handles if the wireless apparatus. When the cabinet is not in use the control panel may be concealed by the hinged flap (18). 
              The lower compartment is designed to accommodate the low-tension battery (21) and the high-tension battery (22) of the amplifier and may be enclosed by means of the door (12). In the same compartment a sound amplifier (24) is mounted and associated with a wooden horn (25), which extends upwards to be flush with the top of the cabinet: A detachable cover (27) provided with fine wire gauze is fitted to the upper part of the cabinet, whilst the lid is hinged with a toothed link by means of which the volume of sound from the reproducer may be varied by adjusting the lid opening to various angles. Sockets are provided for connecting the aerial and earth wires to the apparatus.

Radio in Australia & NZ, February 4, 1925, page 732 & 733


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