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Minsk Molotov Radio Works

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Zenonas Langaitis
Zenonas Langaitis
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01.Apr.05 10:56

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If I good undestand -  not  MINERVA -  in  Vilnius (Wilna)  1921-1939 work  firma  "Elektrit".
And Elektrit  factory  move by rusians  to Minsk  and  became  Minsk Radio Works.
Never  Minerva was in Lithuania, Vilnius.   

see Elektrit  company  history  on RMorg...
Poland company "Elektrit" worked in Lithuania capital Vilnius... How its happened ? Till 1939, about 1/5 of Lithuania Republic territory (Vilnius-Wilno and a round) was Poland territory, occupy in 1920.

In Wilno (now Vilnius, capital of Lithuania Republic), in 1925-1939 work largest Poland radio manufakturer - "Elektrit".

In 1940 comming Russia army (second occupant Lithuania territory) - and return(?) this territory to Lithuania. But then all this territory became USSSR - Lithuania named as "Lithuania SSR". Only in 1990 Lithuania independend free of smb.

In 1940 manufakturer "Elektrit" russians move to MINSK, in Belarus. Its become "Minsk Molotov Radio Works". And first Minsk radios is "Elektrit" copy.


In  1934  "Elektrit"  get  "MINERVA"  licence  and start  produced  radio  under this licence. But it is other  theme.... about  "Elektrit"....

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Ernst Erb
Ernst Erb
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03.Nov.11 21:26

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Quite a time ago I received a picture whitch you can click to big size on the factory page. ID = 619740. I have put in the following caption:
"This has been sent as a JPEG plus the back side which reads 4/285, below: "Kühn-Minsk - 11.II.42, Radiofabrik Montageraum. Who knows more? Who has more pictures with people? This is the full picture - see also more details on the other."

I now received this picture again from the guest Bruce Sadler, Evansville, IN, USA, together with an other picture from a cantine. He told me the following:

"I have attached two photos from the Minsk Radio Factory. Can you tell me anything about the factory. The one photo show a woman serving to what looks like children. The other is the inside of the factory.
I know that this is from the Minsk factory as the name and date (1942)are on the back. My father found these two photos along with others after Dachau was liberated. Any information you can give me would be appreciated.

Since this picture is bigger, I will also use our new bigger format, 933 instead of only 700 pixels width.