Westinghouse introduces the 7591 tube, Audio Magazine 4-60

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Westinghouse introduces the 7591 tube, Audio Magazine 4-60 
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Source: Audio magazine April 1960

Westinghouse Audio Tubes.

7591 beam-power pentodes available from Westinghouse electronic tube division are audio-frequency power-output tubes specifically for use in audio amplifiers capable of high power output and low distortion. In push-pull applications they will deliver 45 watts with total harmonic distortion not exceeding 1.5 per cent. Operating conditions for this level of performance are: plate voltage 450; screen voltage 400; grid No.1 voltage -21; Maximum signal plate current, 72 mA per tube; maximum signal screen current, 15.0 mA per tube; Effective plate-to-plate load impedance, 6600 ohms. The 7591 operates at a rated screen dissipation of 3.3 watts but screen dissipation of 6.0 watts is permissible during periods of maximum input of speech and music signals. For more information, write Electronic Tube Division, Westinghouse Electric Corporation, PO Box 284, Elmira, NY.

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