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What radio is this?

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James Hochstetler
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11.Nov.21 06:04

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I bought this mini wooden radio off EBAY and found it had no manufacturer or model. So hoping someone can recogize it via the info and pictures provided.

5 Tubes          12SQ7, 12SK7, 12SA7, 50L6 GT, 35Z5 GT


Fotos inserted DR



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Heinrich Stummer
Heinrich Stummer
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12.Nov.21 08:16

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Hello James,

in the 40s us manufacturers made many different Radios in this shape. Cases in Catalin or Wood. Take a look her in Radiomuseum to this radio.  Search here in 

A24 from General TV and Radio Corporation

best regards Heinrich


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James Hochstetler
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20.Nov.21 05:10
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Hi Heinrich, thanks for the help. I think I'm chasing my tale. I have found 3 or 4 radios with the same chassis & tube layouts, but a different cabinet and dial. I have found like you did almost the identical cabinet but the chassis and tube layout is different. I have yet to find one dial that matches this one. I'm beginning to think someone merged 3 or 4 radios together. It is rare to have a dial without the manufacturer name on it like this one. It has kilocycles on top and meters on the bottom and says made in the USA. So when I have time I'm still looking for a radio with this particular dial.

Thanks again

Jim Hochstetler