"Zamag" was a bad alloy used in 60thies Tape-recorders

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"Zamag" was a bad alloy used in 60thies Tape-recorders 
06.Nov.03 02:53

Mario Coelho (P)
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Mario Coelho

I own one Grundig 23K and one Nordmende Titan. They are  tape-recorders  60thies made .
Both presented mechanical failure.
The first one had a "Zamag" transmission wheel completly broken.
The second one had a capstan base support  made of "Zamag" deformed and cracked.
 "Zamag" is an  alloy (Zn,Mg). It was a bad product. My experience tells me these alloy deforms continually and deteriorates changing the original dimensions. After some years It look likes cracked dry soil.
 Is normal the occurrence of bad performance of the components wich cracks between 20 to 30 years.
Mário Coelho

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