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L'apparecchio radio

Italian | Textbook in general
Author Editor
Ravalico, Domenico Eugenio
Publisher ISBN
Ulrico Hoepli, Italy
Date of issue / Date of first publication Periodicity
1958 / 1958
Format Pages
Print Type Type
Textbook in general
Short Description
Created by: Franz Harder (18.Dec.17) available by: Alessandro De Poi


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Some example model pages for sets you can see there:

I: Marelli Radiomarelli Ricevitore RR1A (1940??)
I: Marelli Radiomarelli RP32 (1948??)
I: Autovox SPA; Roma RA9 (1950)
I: Autovox SPA; Roma RA9 (1950-52)
I: Allocchio Bacchini OC11 (1950??)
I: Incar S.r.l.; VZ601 (1951)
I: CGE - Compagnia 5107MF (1951)
I: Philips Italy; BI-310A (1951-53)
I: Philips Italy; BI700A (1951-53)
I: CGE - Compagnia 4110 MA-MF (1951-56)
I: Philips Italy; HI592A (1951/52)
I: Geloso SA; Milano G207 (1952)
I: Phonola SA, FIMI; 5521F (1952)
I: Philips Italy; BI192A (1952/53)
I: Philips Italy; BI510A (1952/53)
I: La Voce del Padrone; 540 (1952?)
I: Phonola SA, FIMI; 5521N (1952??)
I: Philips Italy; BI550A (1955)
I: Marelli Radiomarelli RD166-MF (1955)
I: Philips Italy; Amplitone BI571A (1957-59)
I: Philips Italy; Philetta BI260A (1957/58)
I: Philips Italy; Primus Bi170A (1957/58)
USA: Collins Radio 32V-3 (1951)