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Antique Radio Classified

The National Publication for Buyers and Sellers of Old Radios and Related Items

Periodical   Volume 2Number 6June 1985

created by: Robert Rydzewski (24.Jan.14) available by: Robert Rydzewski
Page Content
created by
Robert Rydzewski
  • Guglielmo Marconi Portrait
created by
Robert Rydzewski
  • Crystal Set Review
  • Ericsson Crystal Set
  • American Leader Pocket Radio
created by
Robert Rydzewski
  • Guglielmo Marconi
created by
Robert Rydzewski
  • Phil Weingarten - The Man Who Loves Marconi's Wireless
created by
Robert Rydzewski
  • Marconi Fleming Valve Receiver
  • Marconi Type 20 Crystal Receiver
  • Marconi Flame Proof Key
  • Marconi Standard Key
  • Murdock 6" Induction Coil, Helix, & Dubilier Spark Condenser Transmitter
  • Murdock Crystal Set
  • Boston Key
  • Murdock Phones
  • Marconi Type 103 Crystal Set, NY
  • Marconi Vertical Magnetic Detector, London
  • Telefunken Vertical Pattern Crystal Set
  • Telefunken Universal Wavemeter
  • Telefunken American Wavemeter
  • Lorenz Submarine Crystal Set
  • Slaby-Arco Coherer Receiver & Spark Gap Transmitter
  • Marconi 10" Induction Coil
  • Marconi Polarized Relay
  • Marconi MC-4 Wavemeter
  • Marconi Type 20 Crystal Set
  • Marconi Antenna Tuning Condenser
  • IP-500 Receiver
created by
Robert Rydzewski
  • 2.5 kW Marconi Wireless Station with 20" Spark Coil, Register, etc., Circa 1910
  • Marconi Magnetic Detector, Multiple Tuner, Headphones, All from London
  • 1917 Marconi CM 294 Crystal Set
  • SE-1012A With Amp, SE-1420C, IP-501 With Amp & Loading Coil, etc.
  • Marconi US Signal Corp Type 122 Tuner One-Tube Set from 1918
  • 1903 Marconi Coherer Receiver, London
created by
Robert Rydzewski
  • The Marconi 106B/C
created by
Robert Rydzewski
  • Marconi 106B Schematic


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