Tube list

You can find the tube page of a particular tube by clicking the tab "Tubes". There you can use the tube name in the field "Search for a tube/valve".
Tubes/valves with a "underline": These are tubes which otherwise have the same designation as others. We use the less well known tube/valve(s) to distinguish between them. Russian tubes are transcribed (to the Latin alphabet) and not in capital letters.

On the main page "Tubes" you can also search for models with a certain tube line up (max. 5 tubes). You can also search for tubes with similar parameters such as "First year of introduction" (Year first series), Type, Country, Manufacturer, Base, Usage etc. There you will also find the names of the Tube-Admins if you have suggestions for changes or new tubes to add. As a member you can click the name in the member list and get their e-mail address.
0 CV5009 LF410A SKB2/02 µPC1694 15SP22
00 CV5018 LF15A SKB2/08 µPC1701 15SX5Y4
00-F61 CV5035 LF50AB S5KC20 µPC1820 15T1
??V35S CV5041 LF25AB SKC89F08 µPC1892 15TP7
00A CV5043 LF18C SKD25/12 µPC1944 15TP22
A1 CV5044 LF33CV SKE1 µPC2002 15UP22
A01 CV5045 LFU-4421 SKE4F µPC2003 15V12
A2 CV5046 LF_B4 SKE4F1 µPC2154 15VACP22
0A2 CV5048 LF_Cossor_UV SKE2F1 µPC2200 15VADP22
0A3 CV5049 LF_Cossor_4V_UX SKE4F2 µPC2308 15VAEP22
0A4 CV5054 LF_Mullard SKE2F2 µPC2405 15VAFP22
A4 CV5060 LF4_Octron SKE5F3 µPC2418 15VAGP22
A5 CV5073 LF2_Octron SKE3M2 µPC2575 15VAHP22
0A5 CV5079 LF_double_green_D3 SK4F4 µPC2581 15VALP22
A06 CV5081 LF_double_green_D06 SK3GL06 µPC2762 15VAMP22
A7 CV5094 LF_green SKKD15 µPC3330 15VARP22
A8 CV5112 L18G SKKT15 µPC3340 15VASP22
A08 CV5113 L11G SKN12 µPC4072 15VATP22
A09 CV5114 L42G SKN20/08 µPC4558 15VAWP22
A9 CV5119 L36G SKN26/12 µPC4570 15VAYP22
A10 CV5125 L30G SKN45/04 µPC4741 15VAZP22
A11 CV5134 L25G SKN100/02 µPC1026C 15WP22
A12 CV5143 L22G SKN240/04 µPC33C 15X
A14 CV5167 L80G SKR2 µPC30C 15XP22
A15 CV5173 L87G SKR240/12 µPC1161C 15Y3
A16 CV5176 L92G SKS1 µPC41C 15YP22
A18 CV5181 L49G SKS1/10 µPC4557C 15ZP22
A19 CV5182 L55G SKT24 µPC575C2 15_Niggl
A20 CV5188 L67G S329L µPC1185H 15_Radio-Record
A21 CV5193 L74G S4003L µPC1152H 15_Rogers
A22 CV5211 LG1 SL µPC1170H ГИ-15Б
A23 CV5212 LG2 SL2 µPC1183H ГС-15Б
A24 CV5214 LG3 SL06 µPC1218H ГУ-15
A25 CV5215 LG4 S2L74 µPC1156H ИВ-15
A26 CV5217 LG5 S3L86 µPC1181H ИН-15А
A28 CV5220 LG6 SL100 µPC1182H ИН-15Б
0A30 CV5224 LG7 SL300 µPC29M05 МП15
A30 CV5228 LG8 SL301 µPC24M05 П15
A32 CV5239 LG9 SL403 µPC29M10 1П5Б
A40 CV5242 LG10 SL420 µPC24M12 СГ15П
A41 CV5243 LG11 SL439 µPC29M33 ТНИ-1.5Д
A42 CV5247 LG12 SL440 µPD63 УТ-15
A43 CV5248 LG13 SL490 µPD416 16
A45 CV5268 LG14 SL521 µPD446 0016
A48 CV5277 LG15 SL610 µPD553 16A5
A49 CV5278 LG16 SL611 µPD765 16A8
A57 CV5290 LG17 SL612 µPD1511 16A10
A65 CV5292 LG71 SL621 µPD1530 16ABP4
A70 CV5293 LG73 SL623 µPD1610 16ACP4
A101 CV5298 LG75 SL630 µPD1708 16AEP4
A104 CV5304 LG76 SL640 µPD1719 16AK9
A106 CV5311 LG77 SL641 µPD1720 16ANP4
A109 CV5331 LG200 SL664 µPD1723 16AP4
A110 CV5351 LG201 SL701 µPD1724 16AP4A
A112 CV5355 LG203 SL702 µPD1937 16AQ3
A114 CV5358 LG210 SL918 µPD1986 16AQP4
A115 CV5412 LG607 SL1072 µPD2364 16ASP4
A125 CV5443 LG697 SL1110 µPD4003 16ATP4
A141 CV5450 LG998 SL1119 µPD4016 16AUP4
A153 CV5452 LG1000 SL1424 µPD4364 16AVP4
A162 CV5453 LG1001 SL1430 µPD4464 16AWP4
A199 CV5454 LG2018 SL1431 µPD6121 16AXP4
A203 CV5463 LG4150 SL1455 µPD6122 16AYP4
A205 CV5724 LG4/1 SL1461 µPD6124 16AZP4
A206 CV5766 LG1A SL1925 µPD6125 16B
A207 CV5796 LG12C SL1935 µPD6142 16BAP4
A209 CV5808 LGR7656 SL3693 µPD6145 16BCP4
A210 CV5809 LGR76241N SL5018 µPD6374 16BDP4
A211 CV5830 LGR7621T SL6270 µPD6375 16BEP4
A214 CV5842 LGT04-1 SL6601 µPD6376 16BFP4
A216 CV5918 L30H SL6652 µPD6379 16BGP4
A224 CV5959 L11H S5L8020 µPD6450 16BK1
A225 CV5961 L67H S5L9286 µPD6600 16BK2
A227 CV5968 L61H SL35020 µPD7001 16BM1
A232 CV5989 L22H SL90019 µPD7220 16BM3
A235 CV6001 L36H SL90020 µPD7228 16BMP4
A237 CV6002 L98H SL90027 µPD7503 16BNP4
A239 CV6003 L55H SL90067 µPD7514 16BQ11
A241 CV6004 L49H SL90068 µPD7516 16BRP4
A242 CV6005 L42H SL-3255 µPD7519 16BSP4
A245 CV6006 L92H SL-RC_B80T µPD7538 16BT98GNK
A246 CV6007 L90H SL501A µPD7802 16BUP4
A247 CV6008 L18H SL503A µPD7810 16BVP4
A255 CV6015 L87H SLA5058 µPD7811 16BWP4
A256 CV6016 L86H SLA7051M µPD8041 16BX11
A257 CV6022 L80H SLA7024M µPD8049 16BXP4
A258 CV6023 L74H S1L9223B µPD8085 16BYP4
A281 CV6025 LH0002 SL305B µPD8243 16C-4
A302 CV6028 LH0023 SL322C µPD8257 16CAP4
A303 CV6034 LH0033 SLE4501 µPD8279 16CBP22
A310 CV6035 LH0042 SLP254B µPD9625 16CDP22
A341 CV6036 LH0053 SLP244B µPD16312 16CEP4
A351 CV6044 LH0061 SLP145B µPD16315 16CFP4
A373 CV6045 LH0062 SLP181B µPD16803 16CHP4
A404 CV6051 LH0063 SLP144B µPD17010 16CHP4A
A406 CV6055 LH0070 SLP154B µPD17015 16CJP4
A408 CV6057 LH0071 SLP253B µPD17102 16CKP4
A409 CV6065 LH206 S1L9226X µPD17202 16CMP4
A410 CV6066 LH406 SL600_Trans µPD41256 16CNP4
A411 CV6067 LH414 SL300_Trans µPD41464 16CP4
A414 CV6070 LH415 SM5(C) µPD42505 16CQP4
A415 CV6071 LH417 S3M µPD43256 16CRP4
A416 CV6087 LH5006 S3701M µPD61142 16CSP22
A420 CV6090 LH5116 S4M02 µPD63630 16CTP4
A425 CV6091 LH21256 SM4 µPD63641 16CTQ100
A430 CV6094 LH53170 SM94 µPD63724 16CUP4
A435 CV6099 LH200502 SM103 µPD65650 16CWP4
A440 CV6103 LH-1 SM104 µPD70008 16CXP4
A441 CV6116 LH-0080A SM112 µPD70216 16CYP22
A442 CV6118 LH406D SM144 µPD70335 16D1
A520 CV6121 LHI4100D SM150 µPD71011 16DAP22
A537 CV6127 LHJ4120D SM200 µPD71051 16DCP4
A577 CV6129 LHJ4100D SM300 µPD75008 16DCP4A
A600 CV6131 LH5P864 SM350 µPD75104 16DP4
A609 CV6132 LH2306U4 SM400 µPD75106 16DP4A
A615 CV6135 LHV_Ideezet SM414 µPD75108 16DS
A630 CV6137 LI2002 SM559 µPD75208 16EP4
A635 CV6142 LI4090 SM560 µPD75216 16EP4A
A642 CV6163 LIM5622 SM568 µPD75217 16EP4B
A675 CV6166 L74J SM807 µPD75304 16FL40
A676 CV6169 L18J SM926 µPD75308 16FP4
A677 CV6173 L80J SM1004 µPD75516 16GK6
A678 CV6178 L87J SM1628 µPD75518 16GK8
A710 CV6184 L92J SM2240 µPD77523 16GP4
A750 CV6189 L42J SM4144 µPD77527 16GP4A
A800 CV6238 L49J SM5024 µPD78012 16GP4B
A802 CV6241 L55J SM5301 µPD78042 16GP4C
A819 CV6248 L67J SM5544 µPD78052 16GY5
A863 CV7001 L22J SM5564 µPD78058 16HP4
A864 CV7026 L30J SM5964 µPD78112 16HP4A
A0897 CV7042 L36J SM8002 µPD78210 16J12
A901 CV7044 L11J SM8640 µPD178018 16JP4
A915 CV7086 LJ4090 SM90-06 µPD178078 16JP4A
A1005 CV7107 LJH16212 SM0702/01Z µPD421165 16KA6
A1021 CV7113 LK23 SM0702/13Z µPD424100 16KP4
A01062 CV7122 LK121 SM702/2Z µPD424260 16KP4A
A01144 CV7130 LK131 SM702/1Z µPD431000 16L63
A1145 CV7334 LK199 SM3/1z µPD760006 16L7C10
A1178 CV7357 LK200 SM30/12z µPD784031 16LP4
A1198 CV7361 LK302 SM30/13z µPD4502161 16LP4A
A1217 CV7362 LK430 SM30/5z µPD4504161 16LU8
A1294 CV7367 LK460 SM30/7z µPD4516161 16LU8A
A1295 CV7379 LK600 SM30/3z µPD62A 16MP4
A1297 CV7460 LK810 SM30/9z µPD67A 16MP4A
A1308 CV8025 LK4100 SM5124A µPD8255A 16MT55G
A1309 CV8064 LK4110 SMA7029 µPD2810C 16MT30ZK
A1310 CV8108 LK4111 SM578B4 µPD546C 16MY8
A1311 CV8159 LK4112 SM2B41 µPD1704C 16NC1
A1314 CV8263 LK4130 SM5872BS µPD444C 16NG
A1316 CV8265 LK4140 SMC11A µPD651C 16NP70
A1350 CV8295 LK4200 S22MD1 µPD2819C 16P1
A1404 CV8299 LK4250 S21MD4 µPD1703C 16P2
A1416 CV8431 LK4330 SMD_IC µPD275C 16P12
A1521 CV8479 LK4375 SMD_Transistor µPD547C 16P13
A1524 CV8563 LK7100 S21ME µPD780C 16QP4
A1600 CV8625 LK7110 SME1430 µPD78C14 16RP4
A1685 CV8727 LK7115 SMF1 µPD80C42 16RP4A
A1698 CV8805 LK8100 SM12GZ46 µPD23C512 16RP4B
A1714 CV9337 LK199_B3 SM8GZ47 µPD23C4000 16SJ8G
A1768 CV9422 L8600L SML5 µPD23C8000 16SP4
A1820 CV10820 LL2 SM84L512 µPD28C64C 16SP4A
A1834 CV11107 LL4 SML3A µPD78F0034 16T1
A1998 CV-58000 LL25 SMP04 µPD7802G 16TP4
A2002 CV-11_UE LL215 SMQ045072 µPD833G 16TP6
A2004 CV1060A LL413 SMQ047002 µPD2114LC 16TP8
A2018 CV191A LL415 SMV381 µPE45-KUND0527616 16TP12
A2030 CV56A LL416 SMV471 µPG182 16UP4
A2087 CV76A LL435 SMV709 µT4264 16VABP22
A2118 CV99A LL511 SMV2026 Ökonom 16VACP22
A2134 CV69A LL513 SMY50 КД 16VADP22
A2209 CV191B LL521 SMY51 КЛ 16VAEP22
A2227 CV56B LL525 SMY52 МДС 16VAFP22
A2244 CV99B LL551 SMY60 МИКРО 16VAGP4
A2250 CV76B LL552 SM104_TH МЛС 16VAHP22
A2266 CV69B LL553 SM1004_5pin 1 16VAKP22
A2272 CV76C LL561 S01N 01 16VAMP22
A2293 CV191C LL610 S430N 1-A-5 16VANP22
A2298 CV56C LL4C S412N 1-V 16VASP22
A2304 CV99C LL415D S410N 1-VOLT-ORA 16VATP22
A2327 CV69C LLK160 S434N 1A 16VAUP22
A2403 CV191D LLL-25 S435N 01A 16VAWP22
A2426 CV4049D LLL-225 S2034N 1A1 16VAXP22
A2521 CV56D LL2S S2035N 1A2 16VBAP4
A2543 CV76D LLV_Ideezet S2043N 1A3 16VBCP4
A2599 CV99D LL415_Lorenz S415N 1A4 16VBDP22
A2637 CV69D LM S431N 1A5 16VBEP22
A2674 CV4043R L4001M5 S2010N 1A6 16VBFP22
A2688 CV2180SS L4001M7 S2012N 1A7 16VBGP22
A2744 CVX465 L2001M7 S2030N 1A10 16VBHP22
A2792 CVX469 LM10 S2031N 1A752 16VBMP22
A2900 CVX808 LM12 S440N 1A753 16VBSP22
A2913 CVX2200 LM23 S2000N 1A754 16VBTP4
A3201 CVX2209 LM29 SN4 1A755 16VEMP22
A3501 CVX2223 LM35 SN944 1A756 16VEP22
A3510 CVX4006 LM75 SN954 1A757 16VP4
A3520 CV61_BLUE_B LM100 SN4929 1A758 16WP4
A4090 CV151_GRN LM115 SN4930 1A2097 16WP4A
A4100 CV86_MKII LM118 SN4931 1A40-25-75V 16WP4B
A4101 CV181_Octal LM119 SN4932 1A80-25-75V 16X897
A4110 CV151_RED LM139 SN4934 1A25-25-75V 16XP4
A4115 CV2_VATEA LM141 SN4935 01AA 16Y9
A4156 CV1_VATEA LM160 SN7400 1AB5 16YP4
A4361 CV3_VATEA LM199 SN7401 1AB6 16ZP4
A4388 CV208_prototype LM201 SN7402 1AC5 В-16
A4434 CV79_prototype-12seg LM209 SN7403 1AC6 ИВ-16
A4475 CV79_prototype-8seg LM231 SN7404 1AD2 ИН-16
A5004 0C3W LM299 SN7405 1AD4 ЛН16К
A5586 CW10 LM300 SN7406 1AD5 МП16
A8285 CW1344 LM301 SN7407 1AD2A П16
A9903 CW38015 LM302 SN7408 1A4E СГ-16П
A12016 CW38282 LM303 SN7409 1A6E 17
A15008 CW417404 LM304 SN7410 1AE4 17A
A29400 CW-186 LM305 SN7411 1AE5 17A8
A80502 CW-931 LM307 SN7412 1A7EG 17A470303
A118425 CW-933 LM308 SN7413 1A5EG 17A485-49
A276308 CW-1344 LM309 SN7414 1AF4 17A420-303
A290011 CW-1818 LM310 SN7415 1AF5 17A485-459
A416316 CW-1819 LM311 SN7416 1AF33 17AB9
A428316 CW-2356 LM317 SN7417 1AF34 17AB10
A880440 CW-38015 LM318 SN7420 1A5G 17AJ
A4,06 CW-1818A LM319 SN7421 1A7G 17AP4
A-21 CW-1819B LM322 SN7422 1AG4 17AP4A
A-121 CW01B LM323 SN7423 1AG5 17AV5
A-133 CWL860 LM324 SN7425 1A5GT 17AV5GA
A-201 CWN4 LM329 SN7426 1A7GT 17AV5GT
A-1056 CWS24 LM331 SN7427 1A5GT/G 17AVP4
A-1063 CW10_MOV LM333 SN7428 1AH4 17AVP4A
A-1079 CX12 LM334 SN7430 1AH5 17AX3
A-1088 CX82 LM335 SN7431 1AJ2 17AX4
A-1101 CX108 LM336 SN7432 1AJ4 17AX4GT
A-1105 CX109 LM337 SN7433 1AJ5 17AX4GTA
A-1106 CX112 LM339 SN7437 1AK4 17AY3
A-2212 CX135 LM341 SN7438 1AK5 17AY3A
A-2271 CX138 LM346 SN7440 1AM4 17B-B14
A43-64 CX141 LM348 SN7441 1AN5 17BE3
A47-91 CX145 LM350 SN7442 1A4P 17BE3A
A235-51 CX150 LM0357 SN7443 1AQ5 17BF11
0A20-170-210 CX168 LM358 SN7444 1AR5 17BF11A
A-2.5Amp_Raytheon CX171 LM360 SN7445 1A6S 17BH3
A-205A CX174 LM369 SN7446 1AS5 17BH3A
A43-64A CX178 LM370 SN7447 1AS101 17BJP4
A-103A CX184 LM372 SN7448 1AS104 17BM1
A-Auto CX185 LM377 SN7449 1AS111 17BM2
A-1306B CX186 LM378 SN7450 1AS112 17BM3
A17-69BE CX187 LM379 SN7451 1AS113 17BM120
A-574E CX220 LM380 SN7453 1A4T 17BP4
A-513G CX234 LM381 SN7454 1AU2 17BP4-A
A17-69GJ CX299 LM383 SN7455 1AU3 17BP4-B
A21-H012 CX300 LM384 SN7456 1A7VG 17BP4A
A22-Krem CX310 LM385 SN7457 1AX2 17BQ6GTB
A17-69LF CX313 LM386 SN7460 1AY2 17BQP4
A-Merloni-07 CX316 LM387 SN7468 1AY2A 17BR3
A-P-Two-In-One CX320 LM390 SN7469 1A_Amperite 17BS3
A-P_DryCell CX322 LM391 SN7470 1A_Amptrol 17BS3A
A-P_Oscillator CX326 LM392 SN7471 1A5_Ballast 17BTP4
A-P_Rectifier CX330 LM393 SN7472 1A2_1R5 17BUP4
A-P_Relais CX331 LM394 SN7473 1A7_Rectifier(GB) 17BVP4
A-P_Solenoid CX332 LM399 SN7474 01A_UV 17BW3
A-P_Transmitter CX340 LM411 SN7475 01A_wafer 17BWP4
A47-25SW CX345 LM412 SN7476 01B 17BZ3
A31-21W CX350 LM415 SN7477 1B1 17BZP4
A34-111W CX366 LM417 SN7478 1B2 17C5
A47-14W CX371 LM423 SN7479 1B3 17C8
A47-18W CX374 LM443 SN7480 1B4 17C9
A59-15W CX380 LM448 SN7481 1B5 17C9A
A31-181W CX381 LM450 SN7482 1B6 17CA5
A38-160W CX789 LM482 SN7483 1B006 17CBP4
A40-11W CX804 LM483 SN7484 1B7 17CDP4
A47-13W CX832 LM502 SN7485 1B8 17CFP4
A31-410W CX841 LM518 SN7486 1B22 17CK3
A34-514W CX852 LM521 SN7487 1B23 17CL3
A59-330W CX857 LM524 SN7489 1B24 17CP4
A31-650W CX864 LM528 SN7490 1B25 17CRP4
A31-322W CX865 LM565 SN7491 1B26 17CT3
A34-500W CX868 LM566 SN7492 1B27 17CTP4
A37-110W CX901 LM567 SN7493 1B29 17CU5
A61-140W CX1119 LM569 SN7494 1B31 17CVP4
A50-140W CX1120 LM613 SN7495 1B32 17CYP4
A31-290W CX1140 LM675 SN7496 1B34 17CZP4
A44-510W CX1154 LM833 SN7497 1B35 17D4
A23-10W CX1157 LM837 SN9748 1B36 17D4A
A49-11W CX1159 LM1011 SN14802 1B37 17DAP4
A24-512W CX1164 LM1017 SN14811 1B38 17DE4
A28-15W CX1168 LM1035 SN14817 1B39 17D7GH
A31-12W CX1171 LM1086 SN14820 1B40 17DHP4
A31-14W CX1174 LM1111 SN15830 1B41 17DJP4
A31-16W CX1175 LM1112 SN15832 1B42 17DKP4
A31-17W CX1180 LM1121 SN15836 1B43 17DM4
A31-121W CX1191 LM1122 SN15845 1B44 17DM4A
A31-191W CX1192 LM1123 SN15846 1B45 17DQ4
A31-251W CX1193 LM1131 SN15862 1B46 17DQ6
A31-262W CX1199 LM1203 SN16848 1B47 17DQ6A
A31-265W CX1530 LM1282 SN16861 1B48 17DQ6B
A31-270W CX1535 LM1403 SN16862 1B49 17DQP4
A31-280W CX1545 LM1404 SN16880 1B50 17DRP4
A31-320W CX1558 LM1410 SN16885 1B51 17DSP4
A31-390W CX1559 LM1558 SN16889 1B52 17DTP4
A31-450W CX1570 LM1737 SN16913 1B53 17DTP4A
A38-170W CX1571 LM1738 SN16965 1B54 17DW4
A44-18W CX1572 LM1800 SN16966 1B55 17DW4A
A44-172W CX1573 LM1812 SN16975 1B56 17DWP4
A44-281W CX1574 LM1818 SN28654 1B57 17DXP4
A47-22W CX4235 LM1830 SN29308 1B58 17DZP4
A47-330W CX4237 LM1868 SN29715 1B59 17EAP4
A50-123W CX06827 LM1871 SN29716 1B60 17EBP4
A50-171W CX7933 LM1875 SN29717 1B62 17EFP4
A59-9W CX7934 LM1876 SN29718 1B64 17EHP4
A61-123W CX7935 LM1877 SN29722 1B67 17EJP22
A61-171W CX7961 LM1886 SN29723 1B68 17EKP4
A30-10W CX20017 LM1889 SN29732 1B85 17ELP4
A44-171W CX20023 LM1894 SN29764 1B87 17EM5
A47-21W CX20029 LM1895 SN29767 1B90 17EM9A
A47-23W CX20075 LM1896 SN29770 1B98 17EMP4
A50-182W CX20091 LM1949 SN29771 1B4-951 17ENP22
A31-324W CX20106 LM2402 SN29772 1B5/25S 17EQP4
A53-21W CX20108 LM2405 SN29773 1B24A 17ERP4
A61-120W CX20109 LM2407 SN29784 1B63A 17ESP4
A50-12W CX20111 LM2409 SN29791 1B35A 17ETP22
A44-120W CX20152 LM2419 SN29798 1B4B41 17EVP22
A50-120W CX20187 LM2435 SN29799 1BC2 17EW8
A28-14W CX20468 LM2437 SN29848 1BC2A 17EXP22
A23-14W CX20561 LM2439 SN29850 1BC2B 17EZP22
A31-183W CX22702 LM2467 SN29861 1B7G 17F6
A59-25W CX23034 LM2574 SN29862 1B7GT 17FAP22
A44-520W CX23035 LM2575 SN49700 1B8GT 17FBP22
A50-520W CX23416 LM2576 SN49701 1B3GT 17FCP4
A61-520W CX23882 LM2596 SN49702 1BH2 17FDP4
A31-15W CX24109 LM2611 SN49703 1BH2A 17FEP22
A28-12W CX24142 LM2676 SN49704 1BK2 17FGP22
A28-11W CX-001 LM2679 SN49705 1BL2 17FHP22
A31-510W CX-016 LM2877 SN49710 1B4P 17FJP22
A31-250W CX-024 LM2889 SN49711 1BQ2 17FKP22
A44-13W CX201A LM2896 SN49712 1BV2 17FP4
A51-10W CX065A LM2901 SN49713 1BX2 17FP4A
A41-10W CX300A LM2903 SN49714 1BY2 17FRP4
A47-26W CX112A LM2917 SN49802 1BY2A 17FVP22
A47-11W CX139A LM2925 SN49832 1B2_1S5 17GE5
A34-510W CX1191A LM2930 SN51506 1C 17GJ5
A59-22W CX301A LM2931 SN54196 01C 17GJ5A
A51-120W CX134A LM2936 SN72709 1C1 17GP4
A59-16W CX761A LM2937 SN72741 1C2 17GT5
A31-300W CX71A LM2940 SN72770 1C3 17GT5A
A65-13W CX371A LM2941 SN74100 1C4 17GV5
A28-13W CX143A LM2984 SN74104 1C5 17GW6
A31-20W CX136A LM3046 SN74105 1C6 17H3
A31-120W CX1535A LM3086 SN74106 1C7 17HC8
A44-12W CXA1005 LM3110 SN74107 1C8 17HO
A47-17W CXA1019 LM3361 SN74109 1C21 17HP4
A34-99W CXA1072 LM3578 SN74110 1C6B 17HP4A
A28-10W CXA1073 LM3820 SN74111 1C5EG 17HP4B
A44-11W CXA1081 LM3886 SN74112 1C5G 17HP4C
A59-11W CXA1082 LM3900 SN74113 1C7G 17JB6
A25-10W CXA1101 LM3909 SN74114 1C5GT 17JB6A
A59-12W CXA1102 LM3911 SN74115 1C7M 17JF6
A65-11W CXA1109 LM3914 SN74116 1CP1 17JG6
A59-23W CXA1111 LM3915 SN74118 1CP31 17JG6A
A44-14W CXA1127 LM3916 SN74119 1C6S 17JK8
A44-280W CXA1165 LM4040 SN74120 1C3_USA 17JM6
A47-27W CXA1182 LM4250 SN74121 1C1_ballast 17JM6A
A50-130W CXA1186 LM4808 SN74122 1C2_ballast 17JN6
A51-100W CXA1191 LM4941 SN74123 1D 17JN6A
A59-13W CXA1198 LM6142 SN74124 1D1 17JP4
A59-20W CXA1202 LM6144 SN74125 1D2 17JP22
A61-200W CXA1203 LM6218 SN74126 1D3 17JQ6
A40-12W CXA1204 LM7000 SN74128 1D4 17JR6
A47-25W CXA1238 LM7001 SN74130 1D6 17JT6
A31-18W CXA1251 LM7842 SN74132 1D7 17JT6A
A40-121W CXA1263 LM8050 SN74133 1D8 17JZ8
A61-130W CXA1279 LM8360 SN74134 1D13 17JZ8A
A35-140W CXA1298 LM8361 SN74136 1D21 17KP4
A47-15W CXA1331 LM8368 SN74137 1D24 17KP4A
A47-28W CXA1337 LM8550 SN74138 1D-E14 17KV6
A31-19W CXA1338 LM8560 SN74139 1D5G 17KV6A
A53-W11 CXA1339 LM9013 SN74140 1D7G 17KW6
A65-W11 CXA1372 LM13600 SN74141 1DG3 17L6
A59-23W/2 CXA1433 LM13700 SN74142 1DG3A 17LD8
A47-27W/2 CXA1471 LM18293 SN74143 1D5GP 17L6GT
A65-11W/2 CXA1522 LM22677 SN74144 1D5GT 17LP4
A50-120W/2 CXA1538 LM34002 SN74145 1D8GT 17LP4A
A44-120W/2 CXA1553 LM504/4 SN74147 1D7G_Tetrode 17LP4B
A59-12W/2 CXA1619 LM504/5 SN74148 1DK1 17MSF
A61-120W/2 CXA1645 LM507/2 SN74150 1DK27 17N8
A59-11W/2 CXA1691 LM518/3 SN74151 1DK29 17P1
A31-20W/2 CXA1720 LM566/3 SN74153 1DN5 17P2
A31-120W/2 CXA1733 LM417/22 SN74154 1DP1 17PB4B
A44-13W/3 CXA1782 LM340AT-xx SN74155 1DP1_red-screen 17QP4
A61-120W/II CXA1855 LMC6442 SN74156 1DY4 17QP4A
A44-120W/R CXA1860 LMC6484 SN74157 1DY4A 17QP4B
A61-120W/R CXA1875 LMC6572 SN74158 1DZ61 17R5
A59-23W/R CXA1917 LMC7101 SN74159 1D4_Brimar 17R7
A50-120W/R CXA2000 LMC7215 SN74160 1D5_octal 17RK19
A47-26W/R CXA2092 LM6416E SN74161 1D5_rectifier 17RP4
A47-17W/S CXA2106 LM410F SN74162 1E1 17RP4C
A65-23W/S CXA2161 LMF40 SN74163 1E2 17SP4
A31-18W/S CXA2521 LMF60 SN74164 1E3 17TP4
A61-120W/S CXA2571 LMF100 SN74165 1E4 17UP4
A50-120W/S CXA2575 L78MG SN74166 1E5 17VABP22
A47-12W/U CXA2581 LM350K SN74167 1E7 17VACP22
A59-11W/Z CXA8004 LM309K SN74168 1E8 17VADP22
A47-25WIS CXA8005 LM338K SN74169 1E18 17VAEP22
A47-25WS CXA8061 LM340K-xx SN74170 1E-Diode 17VAFP22
A42-426X CXA1034M LM320K-xx SN74172 1E5G 17VAGP22
A51-426X CXA1019M LM703L SN74173 1E7G 17VAHP22
A56-426X CXA1280N LM340LAx-y SN74174 1E4G 17VAJP22
A67-510X CXA1034P LM018LT SN74175 1E5GP 17VAKP22
A67-700X CXA1019S LM3525M SN74176 1E7GT 17VALP22
A42-591X CX1174B LM389N SN74177 1E5GT 17VAMP22
A42-570X CX1175B LM341P24 SN74180 1EP1 17VANP22
A42-556X CX1192B LM342Pxx SN74181 1EP2 17VAQP22
A42-554X CX1193B LM341Pxx SN74182 1EP11 17VARP22
A66-540X CX316B LM141S SN74183 1E_Diode 17VASP22
A66-510X CX1168B LM303S SN74184 1F1 17VATP22
A66-501X CX1171B LMS10 SN74185 1F2 17VAUP22
A51-230X CX1199B LMS11 SN74189 1F3 17VAWP22
A51-580X CX1545B LMS12 SN74190 1F4 17VAXP22
A67-250X CX1154B LMS13 SN74191 1F5 17VAYP22
A67-711X CX760C LMS14 SN74192 1F6 17VAZP22
A56-711X CX1191D LMS15 SN74193 1F7 17VBAP22
A51-162X CXD1130 LMS16 SN74194 1F33 17VBCP22
A42-268X CXD1140 LMS20 SN74195 1F34 17VBDP22
A51-263X CXD1142 LMS22 SN74196 1FD1 17VBGP22
A61-160X CXD1156 LMS30 SN74197 1FD9 17VBHP22
A61-162X CXD1159 LMS32 SN74198 1F5G 17VBJP22
A51-160X CXD1167 LMS101 SN74199 1F7G 17VBLP22
A56-510X CXD1172 LMS1587 SN74200 1F7GH 17VBMP22
A56-120X CXD1176 LMS50/100 SN74201 1F7GV 17VBNP22
A63-120X CXD1178 LMS12a SN74209 1F7M 17VBQP22
A63-200X CXD1815 LM340T12 SN74221 1FP1 17VBRP22
A67-120X CXD1930 LMT301883 SN74225 1FP35 17VBSP22
A49-11X CXD2030 LM320T-xx SN74238 1F1_Mazda 17VBTP22
A65-120X CXD2031 LM340T-xx SN74240 1G 17VBUP22
A67-701X CXD2032 LMT8D3X10 SN74242 1G1 17VBWP22
A56-701X CXD2035 LM341Txx SN74243 1G3 17VBXP22
A67-150X CXD2036 LMX1501 SN74244 1G4 17VBYP22
A66-500X CXD2300 LMX2331 SN74245 1G5 17VBZP22
A66-140X CXD2307 LM308_NSC SN74246 1G6 17VCDP22
A56-140X CXD2500 LM394_NSC SN74247 1G21 17VP4
A66-120X CXD2506 LM318_NSC SN74248 1G22 17VP4B
A66-410X CXD2508 LM335_Tr SN74249 1G26 17W6GT
A56-540X CXD2510 LM336_Tr SN74250 1G33 17X10
A63-11X CXD2518 LM334_Tr SN74251 1G95 17Y9
A56-11X CXD2530 LM319_Tr SN74253 1G2A 17YP4
A49-15X CXD2545 LM596_Tr SN74259 1G2B 17Z3
A49-120X CXD2560 LM959_Tr SN74260 1G4B41 17Z3A
A51-130X CXD2561 LM399_Tr SN74265 1G2C 17Z3F
A51-150X CXD2925 LM390_Tr SN74266 1G2D 17_Gastriode
A55-19X CXD2938 LM417n SN74273 1G4G 17_Niggl
A56-410X CXD3045 L78Mxx SN74276 1G5G ГИ-17
A63-16X CXD8561 LN119 SN74278 1G6G ГУ-17
A63-17X CXD8606 LN152 SN74279 1G6GT ИВ-17
A63-18X CXD8784 LN309 SN74280 1G4GT ИН-17
A63-100X CXD8788 LN329 SN74283 1G3GT ИФ-17
A66-100X CXD8791 LN408 SN74284 1G5GT П17А
A67-130X CXD9511 LN415 SN74285 1G4GT/G 1Ц7С
A67-140X CXD9894 LN513 SN74287 1G3GTA 18
A38-140X CXK1005 LN526 SN74288 1G3GTP 0.18A80-160V
A51-161X CXK1206 LN9014 SN74289 1H2 1.8V
A63-14X CXK5814 LN9015 SN74290 1H4 18A5
A55-14X CXK5816 LN27028 SN74293 1H5 18AJ10
A55-16X CXK5864 LN-1 SN74298 1H6 18AK5
A55-15X CXK48324 LNBH23 SN74351 1H10 18AQ5
A67-200X CXK58100 LNBK20 SN74365 1H11 18AQ8
A67-100X CXK58257 LNBP14 SN74366 1H20 18C51
A49-191X CXL1503 LNBP20 SN74367 1H22 18D3
A51-110X CXL1504 LNBP21 SN74368 1H33 18DZ8
A56-611X CX1140LE LND150N3 SN74373 1H34 18E
A51-570X CX028M LNK304 SN74374 1H35 18F24
A51-268X CXP1031 LNK306 SN74376 1H-20 18FW6
A56-610X CXP5016 LNK363 SN74387 1H120/350 18FW6A
A56-615X CXP5024 LNK364 SN74390 1H5G 18FX6
A51-420X CXP5034 LNK520 SN74393 1H4G 18FX6A
A42-263X CXP5086 LNK624 SN74425 1H6G 18FY6
A51-231X CXP50116 LN26RP SN74426 1H4GT 18FY6A
A51-421X CXP80424 LO3 SN74490 1H5GT 18GB5
A42-590X CXP80724 LO6 SN74500 1H6GT 18GD6
A67-615X CXP83413 LO9 SN74533 1H5GT/G 18GD6A
A51-590X CXP84332 LO0,1/50 SN74540 1HT2 18GE6
A56-270X CXP85340 LP SN74541 1H4_Ballast 18GE6A
A51-220X CXR-100 LP2 SN74563 1J 18GV8
A29-100X CXT2 LP4 SN74571 1J1 18GV8X
A56-450X CXY10 LP6 SN74573 1J3 18HB8
A51-500X CXY11 LP7 SN74574 1J5 18J6
A56-500X CXY12 LP10 SN74575 1J6 18MA4
A67-610X CXY14 LP11 SN74576 1J3A 18NG
A42-100X C103Y LP20 SN74577 1J4B41 18NO30
A67-611X CY LP25 SN74748 1J5G 18OMY
A47-550X CY1 LP220 SN74912 1J6G 18P2
A37-550X CY2 LP240 SN75110 1J3GT 18R-AL1
A67-200X/2 CY9 LP324 SN75112 1J6GT 18RC60
A-6v_BTH CY10 LP1001 SN75140 1K 18S
A2.06 CY15 LP2902 SN75150 1K1 18TP11
A.C.224 CY21 LP2950 SN75154 1K2 18TQ045
A.C.245 CY25 LP2951 SN75160 1K3 18VABP22
A.T.20 CY31 LP2953 SN75161 1K4 18VACP22
A252/6 CY32 LP2C SN75172 1K6 18VADP22
A250/60 CY42 LP4950C SN75173 1K20 18VAEP22
A200/6-12 CY441 LPC2220 SN75175 1K22 18VAFP22
A67/110-113-40W CY1172 LPC47B387 SN75176 1K24 18VAGP22
A/AZ1 CY2081 LPC47M102 SN75183 1K60 18VAHP22
A160011A CY2257 LPC47M192 SN75185 1K34A 18VAJP22
A160034A CY28324 LPC47M997 SN75188 1K3A 18VAKP22
A39A CY28405 LP61G6464 SN75189 1K7G 18VALP22
A1506A CY62126 LPR39523 SN75196 1K5G 18VAMP22
A3206A CY1C LP4_Ferranti SN75451 1K3GT 18VANP22
A3306A CY7C131 LP7_Marconi SN75452 1KR1 18VAQP22
A1306A CY7C199 LP4_Octron SN75453 1K015XA 18VARP22
A5588A CY7C261 LP2_Philips SN75454 1K015XG 18VASP22
A23A CY7C291 LR SN75461 1L1 18VATP22
00AA CY7C425 L88R05 SN75463 1L4 18VAUP4
A4A CY8C21434 LR46 SN75466 1L6 18VAWP22
A50A CY7C63001 LR1116 SN75467 1L33 18VAXP22
A80A CY7C63723 LR36683N SN75468 1L34 18VAZP22
A36A CY7C63743 LRS_Relais SN75477 1L60 18VBAP22
0A3A CY1170J LR0T001 SN75491 1L61 18VBCP22
A1020A CY41N L4S SN75492 1L64 18VBDP22
A15A CYSL L150S SN75493 1LA4 18VBEP22
A4A1 CY1spez L413S SN75494 1LA6 18VBFP22
A4A2 CZ1 L40S SN76001 1LA6E 18VBGP22
AA2 CZ2 L510S SN76003 1LA4E 18VBHP22
AA61 CZT122 L415S SN76005 1LB4 18VBJP22
AA110 CZT127 L40S1 SN76007 1LB6 18VBKP22
AA111 CZ_STC L67S1 SN76013 1LB7 18VBMP22
AA112 C_Adzam L55S1 SN76018 1LB6GL 18VBNP22
AA113 C509_B4 L49S1 SN76023 1LC5 18VBRP22
AA114 C11_Ballast L42S1 SN76105 1LC6 18VBSP22
AA115 C_CeCo L90S1 SN76110 1LD4 18VBTP22
AA116 C2_Cema L80S1 SN76115 1LD5 18VBUP22
AA117 C10_Diode L74S1 SN76116 1LE3 18VBWP22
AA118 C_Donle LS1 SN76123 1LF3 18VBXP22
AA119 C_Ediswan L90S2 SN76131 1L5G 18VDMP22
AA120 C_Fotos L42S2 SN76477 1LG5 ГУ-18
AA121 C9_Fotos L67S2 SN76489 1LH4 Д18
AA123 C1_Gleichrichter L80S2 SN76495 1LN5 Д18ВП
AA129 C_Jedebe LS2 SN76514 1LN6 ИВ-18
AA130 C2_Microlux L49S2 SN76515 1LN5E ИН-18
AA131 C3_Microlux L55S2 SN76600 1LN5GT 19
AA132 C_Moorhead L40S2 SN76620 1M1 19A3
AA133 C_Osram L74S2 SN76622 1M3 19ABP4
AA134 C408_P8A L42S3 SN76630 1M90 19ACP4
AA135 C1_Peerless L49S3 SN76635 1M-5000-HS 19AEP4
AA136 C_Philips L55S3 SN76660 1M5G 19AFP4
AA137 C_Radex L40S3 SN76666 1M159Z 19AHP4
AA138 C_Telefunken LS3 SN76670 1N1 19AJ8
AA139 C_Teleserpi L67S3 SN76810 1N2 19AJP4
AA140 C2_Triode L74S3 SN94041 1N3 19AK8
AA142 C12_Triode L80S3 SN94042 1N5 19AKP4
AA143 C10_Triotron L90S3 SN94043 1N6 19ALP4
AA144 C_US-triode LS4 SN96517 1N21 19AMP4
AA225 C1_USA LS5 SN102977 1N22 19ANP4
AA227 C603_UX LS6 SN0209033 1N23 19AP4
AA4380 C643_UX4 LS7 SN751768 1N24 19AP4A
AAAF2 C142_UX4 LS8 SN761672 1N25 19AP4B
AAAG1 C405_UX4 L78S12 SN-979 1N26 19AP4C
AAAL4 C135_UX4 LS30 SN-980 1N27 19AP4D
AAA1M304 C606_UX4 LS50 SN695-16 1N28 19AQ5
AAB1 C453_UY LS52 SN-856-F 1N29 19AQP4
AAB-5 C443_UY LS81 SN-1724D 1N30 19ARP4
AAC243 C643_UY LS83 SN4-S_Strobotron 1N31 19ASP4
A4AD C243_UY LS85 SN1778A 1N32 19ATP4
AA91E C453_4pin LS86 SN1802A 1N33 19AU4
AAEA1 C443_4pin LS87 SN1777A 1N34 19AU4A
A51AEZ90X99 Ca LS118 SN1774A 1N35 19AU4GT
A6AF Cas LS119 SN1776A 1N38 19AU4GTA
A4AF Catkin_prototype LS120 SN1803A 1N39 19AUP4
A1A4M C3b LS141 SN1775A 1N40 19AVP4
A4AM Cb LS180 SN52709AF 1N41 19AXP4
A4AM7 C3c LS227 SN74AS640 1N42 19AYP4
A4AMS Cd LS300 SN74AS867 1N43 19BAP4
A4AM7S C3d LS301 SN74AS869 1N44 19BCP4
A4AMS2 CdS8 LS500 SN1551B 1N45 19BD
A4AMS3 C3e LS600 SN956B 1N46 19BDP4
A1A4P Ce LS650 S1NBxx 1N47 19BEP4
AAP120 C3eM LS737 SNC23 1N48 19BFP4
AAP152 C3e_spez LS1000 SN74C906 1N49 19BG6
AAP153 Ceramic_substrate LS1500 SN74C907 1N50 19BG6G
AAP155 C3f LS1501 SN74F257 1N51 19BG6GA
AAP161 Cf LS7031 SN74F821 1N52 19BHP4
AAP162 C3g LS150-40 SN74H102 1N53 19BK7A
AAY12 C3g/s LS4/1 SN74H103 1N54 19BLP4
AAY13 C3g_new LS6A SN74HC139 1N55 19BM1
AAY14 C3g_old LS5A SN74HC4020 1N56 19BMP4
AAY15 C3k LS171A SN74HC4024 1N57 19BNP4
AAY20 Club LS11A SN74HC4066 1N58 19BQP4
AAY21 C3m LS201A SN74LS00 1N60 19BR5
AAY22 C3o LS8A SN74LS01 1N63 19BRP4
AAY27 Colloïd LS224A SN74LS02 1N64 19BS1
AAY28 Colortron250 LS9B SN74LS03 1N65 19BSP4
AAY30 Corona LS2B SN74LS04 1N66 19BTP4
AAY32 Crook_Maltese-Cross LS5B SN74LS05 1N67 19BUP4
AAY34 Crook_Paddlewheel LS7C31 SN74LS06 1N68 19BVP4
AAY39 Crook_Tubes-experim LSC84368 SN74LS08 1N69 19BWP4
AAY41 Crook_Tubes-general LSC84384 SN74LS10 1N70 19BX6
AAY42 Crook_Tubes-variants LSC84392 SN74LS11 1N71 19BY7
AAY43 Crystal-Detector LSC98516 SN74LS13 1N72 19C8
AAY49 Cs-G LSC98525 SN74LS14 1N73 19CAP4
AAY50 Cv1665 LSC98536 SN74LS20 1N74 19CD1000
AAY51 Cv1679 LSC404256 SN74LS21 1N75 19CDP4
AAY52 Cv1719 LSC404327 SN74LS24 1N78 19CEP4
AAY53 C3w LSC408166 SN74LS26 1N82 19CFP4
AAY54 Cws9792 LSC409168 SN74LS27 1N91 19CG3
AAY55 D LSC437657 SN74LS28 1N92 19CGP4
AA250Y400 D1 LSC507809 SN74LS30 1N93 19CHP4
AAY10-120 D0001 LSC528221 SN74LS32 1N106 19CHP22
AAZ10 D2 LSC4518P2 SN74LS37 1N126 19CJP4
AAZ12 0D3 LSD3 SN74LS38 1N139 19CJP22
AAZ13 D3 LSD5 SN74LS42 1N143 19CKP4
AAZ14 D4 LSD7 SN74LS51 1N148 19CL8A
AAZ15 D5 LSD3A SN74LS54 1N149 19CL8B
AAZ17 D6 L793SRD SN74LS73 1N150 19CLP4
AAZ18 D8 LSS SN74LS74 1N151 19CMP4
A30B D9 LSS_Triotron SN74LS76 1N152 19CMP4A
A11B D10 LSS_UV SN74LS85 1N153 19CQP4
A70B D11 LS5_GE SN74LS86 1N158 19CRP4
A36B D014 LS1_MO SN74LS90 1N160 19CTP4S
A4006B D15 LS2_MO SN74LS93 1N191 19CUP4
A50B D020 LS3_MO SN74LS95 1N198 19CVP4
A20B D20 LS5_Valvo SN74LS107 1N202 19CWP4
AB1 D024 LS2_WE SN74LS109 1N222 19CXP4
AB2 D025 LS78c SN74LS112 1N255 19CYP4
AB4 D026 L78Sxx SN74LS123 1N259 19CZP4
AB150 D27 LT SN74LS125 1N263 19D8
AB505 D28 L22T SN74LS132 1N270 19DA5
AB1101 D30 L25T SN74LS133 1N286 19DAP4
AB1102 D37 L036T1 SN74LS137 1N291 19DBP4
AB1122 D040 LT1 SN74LS138 1N294 19DC8
AB1927 D40 L005T1 SN74LS145 1N295 19DCP4
AB1939 D41 L141T2 SN74LS148 1N297 19DE3
AB10/2 D42 LT2 SN74LS151 1N305 19DE7
ABC1 D43 LT3 SN74LS153 1N306 19DEP4
ABC1_7pin D54 LT022 SN74LS157 1N307 19DFP4
A4BF D58 LT350 SN74LS158 1N319 19DH7
ABF1 D60 LT1004 SN74LS160 1N325 19DHP4
ABL1 D61 LT1010 SN74LS161 1N328 19DJP4
A4BS D63 LT1016 SN74LS163 1N341 19DK3
ABS06 D70 LT1071 SN74LS164 1N343 19DKP4
ABS8 D77 LT1073 SN74LS165 1N345 19DLP4
AB1926_rectifier D94 LT1074 SN74LS166 1N346 19DNP4
AB1926_triode D100 LT1079 SN74LS169 1N347 19DP4
AC D105 LT1080 SN74LS173 1N358 19DP4A
A20140C D110 LT1083 SN74LS174 1N411 19DQ3
A11C D111 LT1084 SN74LS175 1N412 19DQ3A
A70C D121 LT1086 SN74LS191 1N413 19DQP4
A36C D125 LT1102 SN74LS192 1N415 19DR7
AC1 D130 LT1227 SN74LS193 1N416 19DRP4
AC2 D143 LT1425 SN74LS194 1N440 19DSP4
AC03 D150 LT1789 SN74LS221 1N457 19DUP4
AC4 D152 LT3080 SN74LS224 1N478 19DVP4
AC08 D163 LT3466 SN74LS240 1N479 19DWP4
AC10 D177 LT6331 SN74LS241 1N512 19DYP4
AC15 D199 LT8224 SN74LS244 1N527 19DZP4
AC20 D200 LT8720 SN74LS245 1N535 19E
AC22 D201 LTC485 SN74LS251 1N536 19E2
AC24 D207 LTC1051 SN74LS253 1N537 19EA8
AC30 D210 LTC1053 SN74LS257 1N538 19EA8A
AC037 D213 LTC1063 SN74LS258 1N539 19EAP4
AC042 D224 LTC1064 SN74LS259 1N540 19EBP4
AC044 D227 LTC1092 SN74LS260 1N541 19ECP4
AC45 D230 LTC1144 SN74LS266 1N542 19EDP4
AC50 D243 LTC1628 SN74LS273 1N547 19EFP4
AC054 D249 LTC1736 SN74LS279 1N602 19EGP4
AC064 D250 LTC1877 SN74LS280 1N617 19EHP4
AC80 D304 LTC3401 SN74LS283 1N618 19EHP4A
AC81 D377 LTC3490 SN74LS290 1N645 19EJP4
AC084 D400 LTC6802 SN74LS293 1N646 19EKP4
AC100 D401 LTC6900 SN74LS295 1N649 19ELP4
AC101 D404 LTC-4781 SN74LS298 1N659 19ENP4
AC102 D407 LTC-46454 SN74LS299 1N662 19ENP4A
AC104 D410 LTC-637D1 SN74LS320 1N708 19EP4
AC105 D412 LTC-5855E-T SN74LS321 1N746 19ESP4
AC106 D418 LTC5637G SN74LS323 1N748 19ETP4
AC107 D431 LTD482 SN74LS324 1N751 19EUP4
AC108 D451 LTD5522 SN74LS325 1N752 19EW7
AC109 D471 LTGY2K22M-J SN74LS326 1N753 19EWP22
AC110 D473 LTLN709 SN74LS327 1N754 19EXP22
AC113 D495 LTM455EW SN74LS353 1N804 19EYP22
AC114 D502 LTM480EW SN74LS354 1N821 19EZ8
AC115 D601 LTR-5986 SN74LS355 1N823 19EZP4
AC116 D1069 LTS546 SN74LS356 1N825 19FBP4
AC117 D1208 LTS313A SN74LS365 1N827 19FCP4
AC120 D1300 LTV815 SN74LS367 1N829 19FDP4
AC121 D1301 LTV816 SN74LS368 1N914 19FEP4
AC122 D1422 LTV824 SN74LS373 1N936 19FEP4A
AC123 D1569 LTVG10 SN74LS374 1N943 19FEP4B
AC124 D1578 LT6003_VALOR SN74LS375 1N949 19FGP4
AC125 D2102 LU4 SN74LS377 1N957 19FHP4
AC126 D2125 LU206 SN74LS378 1N958 19FJP4
AC127 D2147 LU406 SN74LS379 1N963 19FJP4A
AC128 D2822 LU4A SN74LS381 1N965 19FKP4
AC129 D2881 LU4B SN74LS382 1N967 19FL8
AC130 D2891 LUJ4110 SN74LS390 1N973 19FLP4
AC131 D3002 LUK151 SN74LS393 1N978 19FMP22
AC132 D3601 LUX100 SN74LS395 1N979 19FNP4
AC134 D4082 LV1 SN74LS398 1N983 19FP4
AC135 D4430 LV2 SN74LS399 1N985 19FRP4
AC136 D5954 LV3 SN74LS423 1N987 19FTP4
AC137 D6392 LV4 SN74LS440 1N1084 19FWP4
AC138 D8227 LV5 SN74LS441 1N1130 19FX5
AC139 D8742 LV6 SN74LS442 1N1131 19FX6
AC141 D8748 LV8 SN74LS444 1N1150 19FXP22
AC142 D9258 LV9 SN74LS540 1N1169 19G3
AC150 D16551 LV10 SN74LS541 1N1186 19G6
AC151 D36883 LV11 SN74LS569 1N1187 19GAP4
AC152 D77512 LV12 SN74LS590 1N1191 19GBP4
AC153 D77513 LV13 SN74LS591 1N1199 19GDP22
AC154 D86326 LV14 SN74LS592 1N1237 19GEP4
AC155 D86327 LV16 SN74LS593 1N1238 19GFP4
AC156 D88057 LV17 SN74LS595 1N1239 19GHP4
AC157 D88526 LV18 SN74LS597 1N1262 19GJP4
AC160 D156734 LV20 SN74LS598 1N1449 19GJP4A
AC161 D164389 LV30 SN74LS612 1N1520 19GKP4
AC162 D165747 LV90 SN74LS624 1N1526 19GLP22
AC163 D741864 LV205 SN74LS625 1N1563 19GMP4
AC164 D1,8/1,2 LV206 SN74LS626 1N1601 19GP4
AC165 D-1 LV215 SN74LS627 1N1614 19GQ7
AC166 D-34 LV250 SN74LS628 1N1697 19GSP22
AC167 D-35 LV406 SN74LS629 1N1763 19GVP22
AC168 D6-1 LV415 SN74LS630 1N1764 19GWP22
AC169 D-98 LV1011 SN74LS631 1N1780 19GXP22
AC170 D-105 LV1030 SN74LS640 1N1923 19GYP22
AC171 D-110 LV5043 SN74LS641 1N1929 19GZP22
AC172 D-126 LV0,1/50 SN74LS642 1N1949 19H1
AC173 D-140 LV0,27/90 SN74LS644 1N1950 19H4
AC174 D-150 LV3,5/220 SN74LS645 1N2027 19H5
AC175 D-200 LVA521 SN74LS668 1N2070 19HAP4
AC176 D2-30 LVAP-3B2 SN74LS669 1N2071 19HBP22
AC177 D5-10 LVB SN74LS670 1N2094 19HCP22
AC178 D6-10 LVL SN74LS682 1N2096 19HDP22
AC179 D-750 LV3N SN74LS684 1N2167 19HFP22
AC180 D100-8 LVS SN74LS685 1N2326 19HGP4
AC181 D13-47 LV6_Lorenz SN74LS686 1N2389 19HJP22
AC182 D13-79 LV9_Lorenz SN74LS687 1N2482 19HKP22
AC183 D28-04 LV6_Marconi SN74LS688 1N2490 19HLP22
AC184 D28-06 LV1_Philips SN74LS808 1N2630 19HMP22
AC185 D-9085 LV90_TFK-Sockel SN74LS832 1N2631 19HNP22
AC186 D100-13 LV6_Telefunken SN74LS874 1N2632 19HQP22
AC187 D14-252 LV3_Triotron SN74LS876 1N2633 19HR6
AC188 D14-650 LV2_Triotron SN74LS878 1N2634 19HRP22
AC190 D16-100 L41W SN74LS879 1N2635 19HS
AC191 D-79509 LW54 SN74LS645-1 1N2636 19HS6
AC192 D-79510 LW205 SN75LV4737 1N2637 19HSP22
AC193 D-79511 LW405 SN74LVC16245 1N2804 19HTP22
AC194 D-79512 LW406 SN74LVCR2245A 1N2833 19HV8
AC226 D-80039 LW4100 SN75LVDS82 1N2834 19HVP22
AC227 D-80050 LWG5 SN76545N 1N2837 19HWP22
AC230 D-85715 LWJ4100 SN74S04 1N2842 19HXP22
AC240 D-85716 LWK150 SN74S38 1N2858 19HYP22
AC241 D-85792 LX410 SN74S86 1N2860 19J6
AC242 D-86737 LX414 SN74S139 1N2863 19JAP22
AC250 D-87491 LX525 SN74S140 1N2901 19JBP22
AC251 D-87722 LX2260 SN74S158 1N2939 19JCP22
AC280 D-90278 LX5115 SN74S240 1N2940 19JDP22
AC281 D-90279 LX8100 SN74S241 1N2941 19JEP22
AC330 D-90319 LX8383 S415N_Fotos 1N2969 19JFP22
AC340 D-91144 LX12945 SN4_Strobotron 1N2977 19JGP22
AC341 D-94044 LX30B SN3_Transistor 1N3019 19JHP22
AC342 D-94230 LX105B SN1_Transistor 1N3020 19JKP22
AC350 D-94341 LX23B SN2_Transistor 1N3022 19JLP22
AC351 D-97822 LX98B SO22 1N3030 19JMP22
AC502 D-98677 LX92B SO65 1N3032 19JN8
AC503 D-99946 LX86B SO4110 1N3033 19JNP22
AC504 D100-600 LX80B SO5003 1N3044 19JP4
AC508 D-156548 LX74B SO-1 1N3125 19JQP22
AC509 D-156734 LX67B SO-2 1N3154 19JRP22
AC515 D-159764 LX61B SO65A 1N3155 19JSP22
AC516 D-159765 LX55B SOC828 1N3189 19JTP22
AC517 D-159769 LX49B SO3_Sprague 1N3190 19JUP22
AC518 D-159780 LX42B SO2_Sprague 1N3193 19JVNP22
AC519 D-160052 LX36B SO1_Sprague 1N3194 19JVP22
AC520 D-160127 LX55C S239P 1N3209 19JWP22
AC521 D-160206 LX86C S130P 1N3210 19JXP22
AC524 D-160810 LX23C S186P 1N3305 19JYP22
AC525 D-164696 LX30C SP2 1N3317 19JZP22
AC526 D-168030 LX80C SP4 1N3320 19KAP22
AC527 D-170135 LX36C SP10 1N3340 19KBP22
AC530 D-170573 LX42C SP13 1N3491 19KCP22
AC540 D-170930 LX49C SP18 1N3595 19KDP22
AC541 D-171936 LX98C S2P20 1N3600 19KEP22
AC542 D-176627 LX74C SP20 1N3606 19KFP22
AC543 D-178461 LX67C SP21 1N3661 19KG8
AC548 D3-11A LX105C SP22 1N3666 19KGP22
AC549 D-201A LX61C SP30 1N3712 19KHP22
AC550 D-01A LX49D SP35 1N3716 19KJP22
AC551 D5-125B LX23D SP41 1N3718 19KLP22
AC552 D3-80B LX80D SP42 1N3754 19P1
AC553 D3-50B LX74D SP60 1N3756 19P2
AC554 D2-30B LX30D SP61 1N3791 19PF1
AC555 D10-170BE LX105D SP102 1N3800 19Q9
AC556 D13-26BE LX55D SP122 1N3826 19QP4
AC570 D13-24BE LX42D SP141 1N3848 19R3
AC571 D14-221BE LX98D SP181 1N3880 19SU
AC572 D13-640BE LX61D SP201 1N3881 19T8
AC573 D13-17BE LX36D SP210 1N3883 19T8A
AC577 D10-11BE LX86D SP211 1N3891 19TP22
AC598 D13-16BE LX67D SP213 1N3901 19U3
AC701 D13-15BE LY81 SP215 1N3913 19V8
AC761 D14-120BE LY88 SP220 1N3997 19VABP22
AC1421 D10-12BE LY20506H SP230 1N4001 19VACP22
AC1543 D13-19BE LZ319 SP410 1N4002 19VADP22
AC1810 D13-20BE LZ329 SP414 1N4003 19VAEP22
AC4091 D13-21BE LZ6059 SP420 1N4004 19VAFP22
AC-22 D13-20BG LZ5,1 SP485 1N4005 19VAGP22
AC-26 D10-19BG LZ95B25 SP501 1N4006 19VAHP4
AC-28 D8-11BG LZ93BE0 SP614 1N4007 19VAJP4
AC-30 D13-25BG LZ9FB27 SP1037 1N4009 19VAJP22
AC-31 D13-21BG LZ95G55 SP1320 1N4099 19VAKP22
AC-32 D7-17BG LZ2323H5 SP1481 1N4146 19VAMP22
AC-40 D14-140BG L210_Austria SP1482 1N4148 19VANP22
AC-46 D3-11BG L2_Ferranti SP1603 1N4149 19VAQP22
AC-48 D7-15BG L_Idzerda SP2003 1N4150 19VATP22
AC-373 D14-11BG L408_Lutece SP2020 1N4151 19VAUP22
AC-608A D3-50B_Cyrnos L308_Marathon SP2220 1N4153 19VAWP22
AC-Polyodion D8-D8 L610_Marconi SP2574 1N4154 19VAXP22
AC-608R D7-200DH/T L410_Marconi SP3020 1N4160 19VAYP22
AC-Screenodion D-G L410_Marconi_UX SP3721 1N4161 19VAZP22
AC-Super-Detector D5-100GH L406_Neutron SP4107 1N4164 19VBAP22
AC-Super-HF D7-210GH L4_Sator SP4731 1N4168 19VBCP22
AC-Super-Power D10-193GH L2_Thermion SP5055 1N4365 19VBDP22
AC-Super-Screenodion D10-260GH L10_Triotron SP5510 1N4383 19VBFP22
AC-Var-Mu-Screenodio D10-250GH L410_Tungsram SP5655 1N4384 19VBGP22
AC-detector_Sparton D10-270GH L415_Tungsram SP7349 1N4385 19VBHP22
AC-tube_Wireless D12-100GH L414_Tungsram SP8227 1N4448 19VBJP22
AC/AVC D13-620GH L63_USA SP8234 1N4454 19VBKP22
AC/2DD D13-621GH L610_UX4 SP8601 1N4470 19VBLP22
AC/DD D13-650GH L1525_230V SP8629 1N4570 19VBQP22
AC/DDT D14-132GH L1525_130V SP8660 1N4720 19VBRP22
AC/DD_7pin D14-220GH L1525_110V SP8685 1N4721 19VBSP22
AC/DG D14-221GH L_WLS SP8718 1N4733 19VBUP22
AC/DS4 D14-230GH L_Western S3P9658 1N4734 19VBWP22
AC/DX D14-231GH L4_Zenith SP9680 1N4735 19VCAP22
AC/FC2 D3-14GH L409_Zenith SP10422 1N4737 19VCBP22
AC/FC4 D14-122GH L408_Zenith SP-352 1N4738 19VCDP22
AC/G D14-123GH L43_5pin SP.16/G 1N4740 19VCEP22
AC/HL D18-141GH La201 SP55/B 1N4742 19VCFP22
AC/HLDD D14-181GH La206 SP18/B 1N4744 19VCNP22
AC/HLDDD D14-375GH Lakhovsky-tube SP18/G 1N4745 19VCQP22
AC/HP D13-610GH Lampe-à-forte-consom SP55/R 1N4748 19VCRP22
AC/L D13-600GH Lampen_(Spezial) SP16/R 1N4749 19VCSP22
AC/LP D13-611GH Laser-Diode SP18/R 1N4752 19VCTP22
AC/ME D14-651GH L425d SP18/RR 1N4779 19VCWP22
AC/N11L D14-370GH L415d SP42/U 1N4785 19VCXP22
AC/OC4 D7-200GH Le-Triode SP45/U 1N4817 19VCYP22
AC/P1 D3-130GH Lestron_Rect SP4/U1 1N4934 19VDBP22
AC/P4 D13-23GH Lestron_unknown SP122AC 1N4935 19VDCP22
AC3/PEN D10-230GH Leuchtquarz SP8B 1N4936 19VDFP22
AC/PEN D14-180GH Leuchtquarz_A1883 SP50B 1N4937 19VDJP22
AC2/PEN D14-654GH LibertyValve SP8794B 1N4942 19VDKP22
AC6/PEN D13-42GH Lichtspritze_AC SP13B 1N4953 19VDLP22
AC4/PEN D13-43GH Lichtspritze_DC SP2B 1N5035 19VDMP22
AC5/PEN D14-11GH Lieben-Einrohr-Verst SP705B 1N5059 19VDNP22
AC5/PENDD D14-13GH Liebenrelais SP4B 1N5060 19VDQP22
AC2/PENDD D14-111GH Liebenröhre SP2BS 1N5062 19VDRP22
AC/PT D14-131GH Liebenröhre_AEGgross SP13C 1N5227 19VDSP22
AC/PT8 D14-140GH Liebenröhre_AEGklein SPCP26A 1N5231 19VDTP22
AC/PX4 D18-11GH Liebenröhre_Prototyp SP2D 1N5234 19VDUP22
AC/P1_Mazda D6-100GH Liebenröhre_S&Hgross SPD02N60 1N5244 19VDWP22
AC/P_Mazda D7-15GH Liebenröhre_Telefunk SPF 1N5245 19VDXP22
AC4/Pen D7-17GH LightBulbs SPF321 1N5341 19VDYP22
AC3/Pen D7-150GH Lithocon-II SPF337 1N5346 19VDZP22
AC/Pen D7-170GH L43k SPH 1N5349 19VEAP22
AC6/Pen D10-211GH L43m SP2H 1N5351 19VEBP22
AC5/Pen D13-622GH Ln26676 SPH4690 1N5352 19VECP22
AC2/Pen D14-200GH Ln26698 SPHE8202 1N5355 19VEDP22
AC2/PenDD D13-19GH Ln26713 SPHE8281 1N5358 19VEFP22
AC5/PenDD D13-22GH Ln28729 SPIF223A 1N5373 19VEGP22
AC/Pen_5pin D13-480GH LoR2 SPL823623 1N5392 19VEHP22
AC/Q D7-190GH Loewe-01 SPL823710 1N5395 19VEJP22
AC/QA D10-11GH M SPL823711 1N5397 19VEKP22
AC/R D10-12GH M3 SPL824538 1N5400 19VELP22
AC/S D10-13GH M4 SPL02-R03 1N5401 19VENP4
AC/S2 D10-160GH M7 SP8M3 1N5402 19VEQP22
AC/SG D10-170GH M11 SPP08N80 1N5403 19VESP22
AC/SG4 D10-192GH M12 SPP07N60C2 1N5404 19VETP22
AC/SGV D13-15GH M15 SPP04N60C3 1N5405 19VEUP22
AC/SGVM D13-16GH M20 SPP02N80C3 1N5406 19VEWP22
AC/SG_Graham D14-125GH M26 SPP11N65C3 1N5407 19VEXP22
AC/SH D9-10GH M27 SPP20N60S5 1N5408 19VEZP22
AC/SIVM D10-19GH M35 SP50R 1N5551 19VFAP22
AC/SL D10-191GH M40 SP6S 1N5619 19VFBP22
AC/SP D13-21GH M42 SP4S 1N5624 19VFCP22
AC/SP1 D13-25GH M43 SP13S 1N5625 19VFJP22
AC/SP3 D13-40GH M44 SPS439 1N5626 19VFKP22
AC/SP3/RH D13-401GH M45 SPS440 1N5627 19VFLP22
AC/S2PEN D13-41GH M47 SPS441 1N5628 19VFMP22
AC/SPV D14-162GH M51 SPS2296 1N5644 19VFQP22
AC/S2Pen D14-240GH M54 SPS2306 1N5645 19VFRP22
AC/S1VM D14-250GH M55 SPS5267 1N5657 19VFSP22
AC/S_Radiorecord D14-251GH M56 SPS5268 1N5711 19VFXP22
AC/TH1 D18-120GH M57 SPS5384 1N5765 19VGBP22
AC/TH1A D18-121GH M58 SPS-5A-250-85 1N5817 19VGCP22
AC/TP D14-120GH M60 SPS-6B-250-85 1N5818 19VGKP22
AC/VH D14-121GH M64 SPS-6B-250-100 1N5819 19VGLP22
AC/VHP D7-220GH M69 SPS-6B-250-C85 1N5820 19VGMP22
AC25/VM D7-221GH M70 SPS-5P-250-85 1N5821 19VGNP22
AC/VP D10-161GH M72 SPT2 1N5822 19VGQP22
AC/VP1 D13-451GH M73 SPT4 1N5828 19VGRP22
AC/VP2 D13-481GH M74 SPT4A 1N5831 19VGTP22
AC/VP4 D10-16GH M77 SPTA 1N5844 19VGWP22
AC/VP1_5pin D7-191GH M78 SPTS 1N5877 19VGZP22
AC/VS D13-47GH M80 SP41U 1N6043 19VHBP22
AC/VS4 D13-26GH M81 SPU2220 1N6095 19VHCP22
AC/XD D13-27GH M92 SPU2243 1N6096 19VHDP22
AC/XSG D13-17GH M94 SP2V 1N6263 19VHFP22
AC/Y D14-372GH M95 SPW15N60C3 1N6282 19VHJP22
AC/YY D14-182GH-82 M102 SPW17N80C3 1N6290 19VHKP22
AC/Y_7pin D14-302GH-93 M104 SP2_MOV 1N6298 19VHNP22
AC/Z D13-41GH/01 M122 SP4_MP_4pin 1N6303 19VHSP22
AC/ZDD D13-500GH/01 M142 SP4_MP_5pin 1N60A 19VHTP22
AC227A D13-450GH/01 M144 SP2_Mullard 1N38A 19VHWP22
A5901CA D13-26GH/01 M191 SP1_Transistor 1N34A 19VHXP22
AC171A D10-200GH/07 M193 SP3_Transistor 1N710A 19VHYP22
ACA129 D14-125GH/08 M199 SP2_Transistor 1N26A 19VHZP22
A4CAT D13-44GH/15 M203 SP4_Triotron 1N78A 19VJBP22
ACAVC D14-292GH/39 M204 SP2_Triotron 1N54A 19VJCP22
AC171A_Sonatron D14-320GH/82 M205 SP4_Tungsram 1N77A 19VJDP22
ACC_FRIWO D14-125GH/117 M206 SP215_WfF 1N712A 19VJFP22
ACD D14-375GH/123 M210 SQ113 1N55A 19VJKP22
AC06D D14-373GH/123 M212 SQ-10a 1N56A 19VJLP22
AC05D D3-11GJ M220 SR1 1N58A 19VJMP22
AC1D1 D7-17GJ M240 SR2 1N39A 19VJNP22
ACD4 D7-15GJ M244 SR3 1N713A 19VJP22
ACDD D3-111GJ M252 SR4 1N21A 19VJQP22
ACDD4 D8-11GJ M254 SR5 1N23A 19VJRP22
ACDG4 D3-10GJ M300 SR6 1N87A 19VJSP22
ACDP4 D7-16GJ M320 SR7 1N714A 19VJTP22
AC05E D13-25GL M350 SR41 1N718A 19VJUP22
AC10F D13-21GL M400 SR42 1N2A 19VJVP22
AC05F D7-17GL M404 SR43 1N711A 19VJWP22
ACFC D10-12GL M405 SR44 1N82A 19VJXP22
ACFC4 D14-230GL M410 SR45 1NA4 19VJYP22
AC16FIF D13-19GL M415 SR51 1NA9 19VKDP22
ACG D7-15GL M420 SR52 1NA31 19VKEP22
AC3G D7-191GM M428 SR53 1NA4G 19VKFP22
ACG4 D7-210GM M446 SR54 1N4164B 19VKGP22
ACH1 D10-193GM M447 SR55 1N440B 19VKHP22
ACH4 D10-270GM M453 SR56 1N250B 19VKJP22
ACH/HP D12-100GM M455 SR57 1N23B 19VKKP22
ACH1C D13-620GM M462 S1R60 1N77B 19VKLP22
ACHEP4 D13-621GM M463 S49R60 1N9491B 19VKMP22
ACHF D13-650GM M464 SR100 1N21B 19VKNP22
ACHG D14-132GM M473 SR110 1N10BM 19VKP22
AC2HL D14-220GM M474 SR125 1N23C 19VKRP22
ACHL D14-121GM M491 SR150 1N21C 19VKSP22
ACHL4 D14-122GM M502 SR154 1N60C 19VKTP22
ACHLDD D14-123GM M503 SR155 1NC-010 19VKUP22
ACHL4DD D14-364GM M0504 SR180 1NC-020 19VKWP22
ACHLDDD D5-100GM M504 SR220 1N23D 19VKXP22
ACHM4 D13-610GM M505 SR304 1N21D 19VKYP22
ACHN4 D13-26GM M506 SR340 1N23E 19VKZP22
ACHP D13-42GM M508 SR360 1N21E 19VLAP22
ACHP4 D14-11GM M511 SR380 1NE1 19VLBP22
ACH1_B7 D14-13GM M518 SR504 1N5EG 19VLCP22
ACH1_Tungsram D14-111GM M528 SR560 1N64G 19VLDP22
ACH1n D14-131GM M537 SR1060 1N6G 19VLEP22
AC153KVII D18-11GM M550 SR3100 1N5G 19VLGP22
ACL D7-15GM M556 SR4207 1N87G 19VLHP22
ACL4 D7-17GM M558 SR4415 1N6GT 19VLJP22
ACM3 D7-16GM M575 SR5100 1N5GT 19VLNP22
ACME4 D7-150GM M604 SR90/15FN 1N5GT/G 19VLQP22
ACME4a D10-260GM M704 SR2A 1NN40 19VLRP22
ACME4b D3-111GM M710 SR1782A 1NN41 19VLSP22
ACME4c D14-370GM M722 SR3A 1N60P 19VLTP22
ACMO4 D13-19GM M730 S1RB 1NP70 19VLUP22
AC084N D13-21GM M820 SR3B 1NU40 19VLWP22
ACN4 D10-11GM M1002 SR2B 1NU70 19VLXP22
AC084NX D10-12GM M1004 SR250B75 1N5V 19VLYP22
ACO42 D10-160GM M1024 SR155B75 1N5VG 19VLZP22
ACO44 D10-170GM M1025 SR250B100 1N21WE 19VMAP22
ACO54 D13-15GM M1128 SR155B120 1N23WE 19VMBP22
ACO64 D13-16GM M1230 SRC8 1NZ70 19VMCP22
ACO84 D7-170GM M1561 SRC12 1N51_Diode 19VMDP22
ACO84N D8-11GM M1689 SR103D 1P1 19VMEP22
ACP D9-10GM M1729 SR535D 1P5 19VMFP22
ACP1 D10-191GM M1734 SRD12 1P10 19VMGP22
AC3P4 D13-25GM M1752 S1RF 1P11 19VMHP22
ACP4 D13-40GM M1768 SRF1427 1P21 19VMJP22
ACP2371 D13-41GM M1789 SRF2769 1P22 19VMKP22
ACP/1 D10-161GM M2010 SRFH1063 1P23 19VMLP22
ACPG_Soral D13-480GM M2128 SRFH1064 1P24 19VMNP22
ACPN D13-481GM M2150 SRG3 1P25 19VMP22
ACPN4 D14-120GM M2462 SRG5 1P28 19VMRP22
ACPNDH D7-190GM M2872 SR1HM-8 1P29 19VMSP22
ACPP D13-41GM/01 M3004 SR1K2 1P30 19VMTP22
ACPP_Graham D14-362GM/93 M3016 SRK5131 1P31 19VMYP22
ACPT D13-22GP M3100 SR1K-8 1P32 19VMZP22
ACPT_Graham D13-17GP M3104 SRL351 1P33 19VNAP22
ACPT_7pin D13-21GP M3329 SRL352 1P34 19VNBP22
ACPX4 D13-26GP M3622 SRL353 1P36 19VNCP22
ACPX4a D10-11GP M3624 SRL354 1P37 19VNDP22
ACP4_Mazda D13-480GP M3777 SRL364 1P39 19VNEP22
AC6Pen D14-123GP M4041 SRL402 1P40 19VNFP22
ACQ D13-16GP M4216 SRL452 1P41 19VNGP22
ACQa D13-15GP M4732 SRL458 1P42 19VNJP22
ACR1 D10-170GP M4733 SRL459 1P643 19VP22
ACR2 D10-160GP M4737 SRL460 1P644 19W3
ACR4 D10-12GP M4739 SRL-17 1P645 19X3
ACR8 D7-190GP M4767 SRL-7C 1P646 19X8
ACR10 D13-19GP M4768 SRL-7F 1P647 19XP4
ACR11 D14-122GP M4789 SRL-7G 1P649 19Y3
ACR12 D14-120GP M4825 SRL-7H 1P28A 19YP4
ACR13 D14-121GP M4826 SRL/W314 1P5EG 19ZP4
ACR14 D14-290GP37 M4837 SRL7a 1P5G ГИ-19Б
ACR21 D14-230GV M4838 SRM 1P5GT ИВ-19
ACR23 D10-250GV M5004 SRM2264 1P5M ИН-19А
ACR23A D14-231GV M5043 SRM2A256 1PM1 ИН-19Б
ACRR14 D14-364GY M5044 SRS01 1PM05 ИН-19В
ACR1_Daven D10-181GY M5084 SRS06 1PM6 К-19
ACS4 D10-180GY M5085 SRS301 1PM8 П19
ACS5 D7-222GY M5089 SRS302 1P1_Mazda П-19
ACS102 D7-221GY M5100 SRS304 1P_Siemens ПТ-19
ACSG D7-22GY M5101 SRS306 1Q1 СТ-19
ACSG4 D14-363GY M5113 SRS307 1Q5 ФЭУ-19М
ACSG4_362 D14-362GY/93 M5115 SRS308 1Q6 20
ACSH D14-364GY/123 M5118 SRS309 1Q15 20-A-5
ACSL D-I M5152 SRS326 1Q22 20A1
ACSO D-II M5170 SRS351 1Q23 20A2
ACSP1 D-III M5209 SRS352 1Q24 20A3
ACSP3 D-II_Ideezet M5216 SRS353 1Q25 20A90
ACS2PEN D-IV M5218 SRS360 1Q26 20ABP4
ACSP3RH D-I_Ideezet M5220 SRS361 1Q5G 20AC
ACSPV D3-11P1 M5223 SRS362 1Q5GT 20AD
ACS2Pen D3-11P35 M5224 SRS401 1R 20ADP4
ACS085S D-V M5228 SRS451 1R1 20AEP4
ACSS4 D-VI M5229 SRS454 1R4 20AHP4
ACSSG4 D-VI_Ideezet M5234 SRS455 1R5 20AM
ACSSG24 D5-100W M5289 SRS456 1R6 20AM1
ACSSO D14-375WA M5293 SRS457 1R9 20AMS
ACS1VM D5-110WB M5298 SRS461 1R10 20AQ3
ACT5 D5-100WB M5480 SRS464 1R11 20BF
ACT6 D-21_Sodion M5671 SRS501 1R12 20BM1
ACT8 D29-xx M5673 SRS502 1R13 20BM5
ACT9 D0.5 M5840 SRS503 1R15 20BP4
ACT10 D1/2 M6100 SRS505 1R10D 20CG
ACT14 D05/2 M6559 SRS551 1R5SF 20CH4U
ACT16 D05/4 M6965 SRS552 1R5T 20CP4
ACT17 D10/2 M6967 SRS4451 1R_Aka 20CP4A
ACT19 D10/4 M6987 SRS4452 1R5_Loktal 20CP4B
ACT22 D20/2 M6989 SRS4453 1S001 20CP4C
ACT23 D20/4 M7401 SRS358K 1S1 20CP4D
ACT24 D1/400 M7403 SRS552M 1S002 20CV
ACT25 D13/47GL M8014 SRS552N 1S2 20C4_Ultron
ACT26 DA000 M8079 SRU5531 1S003 20C2_Ultron
ACT27 D305A M8080 SRU6131 1S4 20C1_Ultron
ACT28 D040A M8081 SRU6132 1S004 20C3_Ultron
ACT29 D400A M8082