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Museum der Experimentalphysik

6020 Innsbruck, Austria (Tirol)

Address Universität Innsbruck
Innrain 52 
Floor area unfortunately not known yet  
Museum typ Exhibition
Science Museums in general
  • Surveying Equipment
  • Tubes/Valves / Semiconductors
  • Transmitting and Studio technique
  • Measuring Instruments, Lab Equipment
  • Electrical Applications
  • Physics

Opening times
exhibits in the foyer from monday to friday: 8:00 to approx. 19:00 h
exhibits in the anteroom of auditorium A: please contact the secretariate (phone 0512-507-52451) or A. Denoth (phone -52512).
Ausstellung im Foyer von Montag bis Freitag, 8:00 bis ca. 19:00,
Ausstellung im Vorraum HS A: nur nach Voranmeldung am Institutssekretariat Tel. 0512-507-52451 oder beim Betreuer Tel. 0512-507-52512

Status from 08/2021
We don't know the fees.

Tel.:+43-512-507 52451  Tel.2:+43-512-507 52512  


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Location / Directions
N47.262962° E11.384422°N47°15.77772' E11°23.06532'N47°15'46.6632" E11°23'3.9192"

Some example model pages for sets you can see there:

A: Elektrodyn, Ing. Universal-Rundfunkmeßgerät U38 (1938??)
D: Keiser & Schmidt; Marconi-Sender/Empfänger (1897)
D: Hartmann & Braun AG; Hitzdrahtamperemeter (1905??)
D: Ahemo-Werkstätten; Ladegleichrichter He6 (1926?)
D: Nadir, Deutawerke; Universal-Instrument (1926??)
D: Blaupunkt Ideal, Aufsteck-Detektor Ideal-Blaupunkt-Detektor (1927-30)
D: Siemens & Halske, - Heiz-Anode Eln.42 (ELN 42) (1927?)
D: Ahemo-Werkstätten; Ladegleichrichter G121 (1928/29)
D: Siemens & Halske, - Netzgerät Rfz.9 (1928?)
D: Siemens & Halske, - Gl3c (1928??)
D: Nora; Berlin Netzanode NWO (1929-33)
D: Philips Radios - Ladegerät D366 (1930??)
D: AEG Radios Allg. Radio-Ramar RR0 (1930??)
D: Rohde & Schwarz, PTE Selbstinduktionsmeßgerät LRH BN601 (1940-50?)
D: Rohde & Schwarz, PTE Eichteiler DUR (1940?)
D: Steinlein, Peter; Netzgleichrichter HR2010 (1940??)
D: Steinlein, Peter; Regelgerät G165 (1940??)
D: Steinlein, Peter; Regelgerät G281 (1940??)
D: Steinlein, Peter; Regelgerät N415 (1940??)
D: Rohde & Schwarz, PTE Kapazitätsmeßgerät KRH (1947)
NL: Philips; Eindhoven Kathodenstrahl-Oszillograph GM3155 (1940??)
USA: General Electric Co. Tungar Battery Charger 277153 (1925)

Some example tube pages for sets you can see there:

Full-Wave Vacuum Rectifier DE2/200
Current Regulator, Urdox with EUXIV
Half-Wave Rectifier, gasfilled GLe15000/1/4
Half-Wave Vacuum Rectifier GWE514
Signal Diode - one single GW05R
Transmitting Triode, air OQQ151/3000
Triode, vacuum Oscillotron_Spez-Soc
Screen-grid Tetrode QBL3,5/2000
Full-Wave Vacuum Rectifier RG64
Transmitting Triode, air RS15
Transmitting Triode, air RS285J
Triode, vacuum RV275 (1928)
Full-Wave Rectifier gas filled R1000 (1929)
Thyratron Stem1000/2/6
Electrometer, Space Charge T113
Half-Wave Vacuum Rectifier V30/81h
Full-Wave Mercury-Vapor W1bNi
Full-Wave Mercury-Vapor 1849_Rectifier
Triode, vacuum 201B_RRF


Text from Universität Innsbruck:
Two showcases in the foyer of the 'Viktor-Franz-Hess-Building' and two in the anteroom of auditorium A present a collection of historical physical instruments from the beginning of the experimental physics at the University of Innsbruck - starting with the first purchase of instruments in 1763 - to the year 1963.

The exhibits give a review on 200 years of physics, showing the development of the experimental physics in Innsbruck from the 'Armarium' to the 'Physikalische Cabinet', the 'Physikalische Institut' and today's 'Institut für Experimentalphysik'.


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