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Sterkrader Radio Museum

46145 Oberhausen-Sterkrade, Germany (Nordrhein-Westfalen)

Address Holtener Straße 28
Floor area unfortunately not known yet  
Museum typ Exhibition
Radio and Kommunication in general
  • Tubes/Valves / Semiconductors
  • Wire- & tape recording
  • Record players with pick up
  • Radios (Broadcast receivers)
  • Measuring Instruments, Lab Equipment
  • Gramophone (no electrical sound transmission)
  • Audio amplifier

Opening times
Besuche nach telefonischer Anmeldung

Status from 07/2023
We don't know the fees.

Mobile:+49-173-23 17 392  eMail:friedhelm.schaik  


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Location / Directions
N51.518460° E6.852710°N51°31.10760' E6°51.16260'N51°31'6.4560" E6°51'9.7560"

Some example model pages for sets you can see there:

D: Euphonia Tischgrammophon unbekannt (1925?)
D: AEG Radios Allg. Geatron 4W (1929/30)
D: Hartmann & Braun AG; Multavi II (2) (1933-60)
D: Philips Radios - Aachen-Super D46 - D46A (1935/36)
D: Neuberger, Josef; WDA 238 (1939?)
D: Dual, Gebr. 1001W (1949-53)
D: Braun; Frankfurt UKW Pendlaudion PA60(W) (1950/51)
D: Schaub und Schaub- Supraphon 52 (1951-53)
D: Funke, Max, Weida/Th Röhrenprüfgerät W19 (1951-73?)
D: Tefi-Apparatebau; Tefifon T574 Ch= T5717 (1957/58)
D: Hartmann & Braun AG; Multavi HO (1957??)
D: Grundig Radio- TK32 (1958-62)
D: Technisch- Picoskop EO1/7 - TPW (1958?)
D: Braun; Frankfurt Stereo-Phono-Super SK61 Ch= RC41 (1961-64)
D: Olympia Werke, Diktiergerät S15 (1963?)
D: Stern-Radio Berlin, Vagant Luxus R110 (1964)
D: QUELLE GmbH Universum FK-100R Artikel 06665 (1968)
I: Vega, BP Radio, TS502 - IV/2G (1969?)
J: TTC Quality Transistor-Tester C-3022 (1960??)
J: Mitsubishi Electric FX-435 (1963?)
J: Belco, Tokyo AC Bridge BR-8 (1968??)
J: Kenwood, Trio- Signalgenerator J-270MC (1970??)
NL: Philips; Eindhoven Service-Röhrenvoltmeter GM6009 (1957)
USA: Lafayette Radio & TV Tube Tester TE-50 (1961?)


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