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Museu de la Ciéncia i de la Técnica de Catalunya

08221 Terrassa, Spain (Catalunya)

Address Rambla d´Ègara 270
Floor area unfortunately not known yet  
Museum typ Exhibition
Technical Museum in general
  • Passenger cars
  • Steam engines/generators/pumps
  • Navy / Watercraft
  • Model Railway
  • Chemistry
  • Nuclear / Radiation
  • Typewriter, calculating and coding
  • Motorcycles / Motorbikes
  • TV and image recording
  • Science Museums in general
  • Agricultural
  • Fire Brigade
  • Model Ships
  • Wire- & tape recording
  • Bicycles
  • Textile production
  • Carriages
  • Trucks / Lorries
  • Electricity / Magnetism
  • Air and Space (aviation, spaceflight etc.)
  • Combustion engines/generators/pumps
  • Electric motors/generators/pumps
  • Technical and functional models
  • Radios (Broadcast receivers)
  • Telephone / Telex
  • Computer / Informatic
  • Biology / Medicine
  • Gramophone (no electrical sound transmission)
  • Lamps and Light
  • Electrical Applications
  • Industry / Production Technology
  • Physics
  • Home Appliances
  • Building (Construction) machinery
  • Movie recording and playback
  • Buildings- & Landscape Models

Opening times
June 15 - September 15: Tuesday - Sunday and publick holidays: 10:00 - 14:30
September 16 - June 14: Tuesday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:00;
Saturdays: 10:00 - 14:30 and 16:30 - 20:30;
Sundays; public holidays: 10:00 - 14:30
Horario de verano (del 15 de junio al 15 de septiembre):
De martes a domingo y festivos, de 10 a 14:30 h
Horario de invierno (del 16 de septiembre al 14 de junio)
De martes a viernes, de 9 a 18 h
Sábados, de 10 a 14:30 h y de 16:30 a 20:30 h
Domingos y festivos, de 10 a 14:30 h

Status from 06/2019
Adults € 4,50; reduced € 3,50
General: 4,50 €; reducida: 3,50 €

Tel.:+34-93-736 8966  Fax:+34-93-736 8960  


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Location / Directions
N41.564918° E2.007586°N41°33.89508' E2°0.45516'N41°33'53.7048" E2°0'27.3096"

It can be reached by car and public transport (FGC and Renfe rail services). Combined tickets can be purchased, including entrance to the museum and rail travel on the FGC.

Some example model pages for sets you can see there:

F: Girard & Boitte, Phonographe "Le Ménestrel" (Le Gaulois) (1900/01)
GB: Baird brand - John Televisor with Nipkow Disc (1929/30)
S: AGA and Aga-Baltic Agafon NAST-1 (1951/52)



DANGER! Saved by technology

A major 1000 m² exhibition which shows how technology helps us in the prevention of risks, accidents and disasters

Everything is chemistry

The contribution of chemistry to modern quality of life.
Exhibition showing the presence of chemistry in the world around us. From our own bodies to the different applications of chemistry in everyday life: materials, daily activities, nutrition and health.

Catalonia, a country of inventions and innovation

30 universal scientific and technological contributions.
Catalonia is the birthplace of countless contributions in the fields of science and technology worldwide. These have been provided by the Catalan creators, inventors and scientists whose inventiveness has revolutionised fields such as navigation, the textile industry or medicine.

Treasures mNACTEC: "Typewriters"

A setting for emotions and technology, to reinterpret the exhibits in the Museum's collections.
It is a new exhibition space aiming to reinterpret the traditional idiom of the exhibits in a setting of emotions and technology.

The textile factory

The process of producing woollen fabric within the original context of a mill dating from the early 20th century
The permanent exhibition "The Textile Mill" displays the whole process of producing woollen fabric within the original context of a mill dating from the early 20th century, with a modern and evocative Museum presentation.


Practical and interactive experiences with energy.
The exhibition Enérgeia offers a journey through different sources of energy as the driving force for human activity and industrialisation. An exhibition on energy, the essential driving force of industrialisation, serving to explain the importance of how sources of energy have been used over the years.

LHC: Exploring the origins of the universe.

"Exploring the Beginnings of the Universe" is an educational exhibition intended to provide an insight into particle physics and the origins of the universe for the general public, explaining the research experiments being undertaken at CERN. A full-size reproduction of the underground tunnel is the main element of the exhibition.

The computer enigma

Discover the history of the computer, from the earliest calculation tools (5000 BC) to today's technological explosion.
It presents one of the most important computer collections in Europe, and the most complete in Catalonia.


Collection of automobiles, trucks, engines, aircraft, motorbikes bicycles.
The collection of automobiles, trucks, engines, aircraft, motorbikes and bicycles on display at the mNACTEC plots a course through the history of transport from the earliest days up to the present time.

Viva Montesa

All the motorbike models of the historic Catalan brand.
The exhibition features the Pere Permanyer Collection, held at the mNACTEC, a true Montesa Museum, which stands out for having models of every variant produced by the make. “Viva Montesa” offers a journey through the history of the Catalan brand courtesy of 67 motorcycles, three bicycles and two engines. presents here one of the many museum pages. We try to bring data for your direct information about all that is relevant. In the list (link above right) you find the complete listing of museums related to "Radio & Co." we have information of. Please help us to be complete and up to date by using the contact form above.



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