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Eretz Israel Museum

69975 Tel Aviv, Israel

Address מוזיאון ארץ ישראל
2 Haim Levanon St., Ramat Aviv 
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Museum typ Exhibition
Heritage- or City Museum
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  • Fire Brigade
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  • Railway
  • Planetarium
  • Food and beverage production
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Opening times
Sunday - Wednesday 10 am - 4 pm; Thursday 10 am - 8 pm; Friday, Saturday 10 am - 2 pm

Adult: 42 NIS; Child under 18: free

Tel.:+ -03-641-5244  eMail:mirit  


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Location / Directions
N32.103000° E34.795500°N32°6.18000' E34°47.73000'N32°6'10.8000" E34°47'43.8000"
Location / Directions

Public Transportation

Dan: 7, 13, 24, 25, 45, 127 Egged: 126, 171, 270, 271 Afikim: 121 Kvim: 94


There is paid parking close to the museum

In this multidisciplinary museum, you can find a variety of fields, including Archaeology, Judaica, Ethnography, History and Culture of the Land of Israel and traditional arts and crafts. As you begin to explore the site, the unique character of the Museum will become apparent. The numerous pavilions spread over the Museum’s vast grounds form a Museum Park. With each pavilion dedicated to a different cultural theme. At the center of the park you can see an ancient archaeological site, where excavations are stillincompleted. Other active exhibits include working reconstructions of ancient production methods and a craftsmen’s bazaar where you can watch artisans demonstrate techniques traditional to the Land of Israel. You can also visit our state of the art planetarium, gift shop and auditorium. In addition to the permanent exhibits, the Museum offers a variety of temporary exhibitions, as well as cultural events and youth activities.

Wikipedia 2012:
The Eretz Israel Museum is a historical and archeological museum in the Ramat Aviv neighborhood of Tel Aviv, Israel. From an exhibit of Judaica at the Eretz Israel Museum, a bronze menorah designed by Maurice Ascalon

Eretz Israel Museum, established in 1953, has a large display of archaeological, anthropological and historical artifacts organized in a series of exhibition pavilions on its grounds. Each pavilion is dedicated to a different subject: glassware, ceramics, coins, copper and more. The museum also has a planetarium.

The "Man and His Work" wing features live demonstrations of ancient methods of weaving, jewelry and pottery making, grain grinding and bread baking. Tel Quasile, an excavation in which 12 distinct layers of culture have been uncovered, is on the grounds of the museum.

Wikipedia 2012:
מוזיאון ארץ ישראל, תל אביב הינו מוזיאון גדול בעיר תל אביב, המציג ממצאים העוסקים בארץ ישראל מזמנים שונים ומתארים את רב התרבותיות שלה, בעבר ובהווה. המוזיאון הוקם במטרה לשלב ארכאולוגיה, תרבות ופולקלור של ארץ ישראל בכל הזמנים, כשהמודל לתכנונו היו מוזאוני הארץ (Landesmuseum) באירופה, המציגים היסטוריה בשילוב פולקלור ייחודי של כל מחוז ומדינה. בשנותיו הראשונות פעל בתחומי המוזיאון גם מוזיאון למדע. במוזיאון ביתנים בתחומים שונים, כגון ארכאולוגיה יודאיקה, פולקלור, מלאכה ואמנות ישראלית. presents here one of the many museum pages. We try to bring data for your direct information about all that is relevant. In the list (link above right) you find the complete listing of museums related to "Radio & Co." we have information of. Please help us to be complete and up to date by using the contact form above.