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The Macau Communications Museum - 通訊博物館

Macao SAR, People's Republic of China

Address Museu das Comunicações Correios de Macau
7 Estrada de D. Maria II 
Floor area only roughly guessed: 7 000 m² / 75 347 ft²   Area for radios (if not the same) 3 500 m² / 37 674 ft²
Museum typ
Radio and Kommunication in general

Opening times
9:30h - 17:30h; Monday closed
星期二 星期三 星期四 星期五 星期六 星期日 09:30 ~ 17:30

Status from 01/2014
Adult: MOP 10; Macao students, Macao residents 18 years of age, international student card holders: MOP 5.00
成人 MOP 10.00 澳門學生、18 歲以下澳門居民、國際學生證持有人** MOP 5.00

Tel.:+853-2871 8063  eMail:info  


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Location / Directions
N22.203249° E113.554907°N22°12.19494' E113°33.29442'N22°12'11.6964" E113°33'17.6652"
Location / Directions

Description The Communications Museum presents exhibitions in two big areas:

Post/Philately Area

is situated on the first floor of the building, integrating artifacts and equipment related to the evolution of the systems and techniques used in long distance communications. Exhibits related to the history of Macao Post are displayed, ranging from precious artifacts to valuable collection of stamps and postal objects

Telecommunications Area

occupies the second and the third floor of the Museum.
In this area, the interactive and experimental features of the Museum become more evident. In addition to equipment related to the history of Macao Post, a set of scientific exhibits related to electromagnetic, electrostatic, direct current, alternate current, telegraph, telephone, broadcasting, information processing as well as analog and digital electronics is displayed. These exhibits allow visitors to understand the evolution of the means and technique of communications as well as the front-end technologies.




* 服務澳門市民,尤其是中、小學生,提倡集郵文化和推動普及電訊科學和技術
* 成為一間在電訊領域中讓參觀者藉以互動、探索、實驗、滿足和發展潛能的博物館
* 向澳門市民及遊客推廣集郵技術及宣傳澳門郵票的博物館


* 一樓的郵政與集郵展區集合遠程通訊發展中使用過的系統與技術藏品和設備,展示了與郵政局歷史息息相關的郵票珍藏和郵政器具藏品
* 二樓電訊展區是博物館中極其互動的區域。除了展出與郵政局歷史發展相連的電訊設備外,廣集以電磁、靜電、直流電、交流電、電報、電話、無線電廣播、資訊處理、傳輸、模擬電子和數碼電子為主題的科學展品,讓參觀者瞭解通訊媒介及技術與尖端科技的發展

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