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Antique Wireless Museum & Association - AWA

14469 Bloomfield, NY, United States of America (USA) (New York)

Address 6925 Routes 5 & 20
Floor area 557 m² / 6 000 ft²  
Museum typ Exhibition
Radio and Kommunication in general
  • TV and image recording
  • Tubes/Valves / Semiconductors
  • Wire- & tape recording
  • Record players with pick up
  • Electricity / Magnetism
  • Radios (Broadcast receivers)
  • Transmitting and Studio technique
  • Telephone / Telex
  • Morse technology
  • Measuring Instruments, Lab Equipment
  • Gramophone (no electrical sound transmission)
  • Amateur Radio / Military & Industry Radio

Opening times
Tuesday 10am - 3pm; Saturdays 1pm - 5pm

Status from 02/2024
Adults: $10; Seniors, Active Military and Veterans: $9
Kids and Teens are Free, AWA Members are Free.

Tel.:1-585-257-5119  eMail:N2EVG  


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Location / Directions
N42.884836° W77.412442°N42°53.09016' W77°24.74652'N42°53'5.4096" W77°24'44.7912"

The new Antique Wireless Museum and Research Campus is located 25 miles southeast of Rochester in the popular Finger Lakes region of upstate New York.

The AWA Museum is located at 6925 Routes 5 & 20 just East of the intersection with Route 444 on the South side.

Some example model pages for sets you can see there:

USA: Adams-Morgan Co. Paragon RA-10 (1920)
USA: Federal Radio Corp. Federal Jr. (Junior) Crystal Receiver (1922)
USA: Federal Radio Corp. Radio Receiver No. 57 (1922)
USA: Federal Radio Corp. Two-Stage A. F. Amplifier No. 9 (1922)
USA: Grebe, A.H. & Co.; CR-12 (1923)
USA: Federal Radio Corp. 59 (1923/24)
USA: Atwater Kent Mfg. Co 7570 Model 20C, 20 Compact (1925)
USA: Pilot Electric Mfg. Pilot Candid TV37 (1948?)


The museum shows the history of the technology used in communications and entertainment"

Museum Building

The 10,000sf Museum increases display exhibit space by about five times over our present museum and will offer ADA accessibility, proper preservative climate control, and fire/flood protection. New museum facade drawing

A 1936 cobalt blue Sparton 557 radio inspired our new Museum's façade.

The first phase of the development of the new Antique Wireless Museum offers 3600 sf of displays and a Museum Store. Our Curatorial team lead by Bruce Roloson plans a mix of permanent and rotating exhibits. Potential exhibit subjects will be

The Birth of Wireless
Pioneers and Inventors and Patents
Maritime Communications - Titanic and other ships
Old Time Radio
Cell phones
A Discovery area for kids of all ages
Ham Radio
America at War - a full size B-17 radio room
Radio -1900 to 1910
Radio - 1910 to 1920
Radio - 1920 to 1930
Entertainment in the home
Gernsback 1925 Radio Store
Telephone and Teletype
Much more.

The Museum will offer a comfortable modern 60-seat auditorium for students and visitors. It views a real, operating radio station.

Other Campus Buildings

Building 2 is the Dr Max Bodmer 3,000sf Library Media Center thanks to a major gift by Dr. Max Bodmer. Building 3 is a 4,000sf building for display development, storage and repair.

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Antique Wireless Museum & Association - AWA
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Info from Robert Hobday
Heribert Jung

We are the Antique Wireless Association in Bloomfield, NY.  Now in our 60th year, the Antique Wireless Association and its 2,000 international members support the Antique Wireless Museum dedicated to preserve and share the history of technology used to communicate and entertain from the first telegram to today’s wireless text messaging. These technologies are central to our way of life and their rich history must be preserved and shared.  Imagine our world without the ability to communicate.



It is almost impossible to imagine our lives without the ability to communicate electronically.  Today, our lives have merged into the fast lane of communication by texting, instant messaging, e-mail, cell phones, and even regular telephones.  We spend hours watching the television and listening to the radio to be entertained and informed and to just get away from it all.   We view history being made across the globe in real time.  What we take for granted, perhaps we are addicted to, is world-wide communications and entertainment at our finger tips.

What if a relatively few brilliant men had not had dreams of what the future could hold? What if they had not developed new theories, had not tinkered in their labs, had not persevered when others said it would not work, had not risked their fortunes?   Imagine our lives today if the best we could hope for is that our letters would come in a couple of weeks or months.

Although obviously highly refined, the communication technologies we enjoy and depend on have their roots in the development of the telegraph by Samuel Morse in 1844, the development of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, and the radio dreams, theories and hard work of such men as Heinrich Hertz, Guglielmo Marconi, Nikola Tesla, Lee DeForest, John Fleming, Edwin Armstrong and many others.  As direct descendents of radio’s development, television and today’s cellular telephone both use radio

Please visit the AWA web site at www for more information or contact the AWA by E-mail at N2EVG[A*T]ARRL.COM and plan a visit to the incredible Antique Wireless Museum located at 6925 Routes 5 &20 in Bloomfield, New York 14469.

Antique Wireless Museum & Association - AWA
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