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Vintage Radio and Communications Museum of Connecticut

06095 Windsor, CT, United States of America (USA) (Connecticut)

Address 115 Pierson Lane
Floor area unfortunately not known yet  
Museum typ Exhibition
Radio and Kommunication in general
  • TV and image recording
  • Tubes/Valves / Semiconductors
  • Record players with pick up
  • Media
  • Radios (Broadcast receivers)
  • Transmitting and Studio technique
  • Jukeboxes
  • Telephone / Telex
  • Computer / Informatic
  • Morse technology
  • Gramophone (no electrical sound transmission)
  • Amateur Radio / Military & Industry Radio
  • Movie recording and playback

Opening times
Thursday and Friday: 10am - 3pm: Saturday: 10am - 5pm: Sunday: 1pm - 4pm
Closed for major holidays

Status from 12/2023
Adults: $10; Seniors 60+: $7; Students: $5

Tel.:+1-860-683-2903  eMail:radioclctr  


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Location / Directions
N41.863112° W72.640957°N41°51.78670' W72°38.45742'N41°51'47.2018" W72°38'27.4452"

Windsor is a town in Hartford County, Connecticut, United States. It lies on the northern border of Connecticut's capital, Hartford.
There is a railroad station in Windsor Center with Amtrak's Hartford Line, Northeast Regional and Valley Eagle trains and CTrail Hartford Line trains stopping at the station.

Some example model pages for sets you can see there:

A: Philips - Österreich Matinée B4A03A (1960/61)
J: Kenwood, Trio- TS-930S (1982??)
USA: Westinghouse El. & Short Wave Regenerative Receiver RC ch= RA+DA (1921)
USA: Kennedy Co., Colin B 110 Universal Regenerative Receiver (1921)
USA: Clapp-Eastham Co.; Radak HR (1921/22)
USA: Westinghouse El. & Aeriola Sr. Receiver RF (1922)
USA: RCA RCA Victor Co. Radiola IV (4) (1922)
USA: Crosley Radio Corp.; X (10) (1922)
USA: Fada Radio & Neutrodyne Receiver 166-A (1923)
USA: RCA RCA Victor Co. Radiola RS (1923)
USA: Atwater Kent Mfg. Co 4340 Model 10 Radiodyne (1923)
USA: Atwater Kent Mfg. Co 4445 Model 9 (1923)
USA: Freed-Eisemann Radio NR6 (1924)
USA: RCA RCA Victor Co. Radiola Super-VIII (8) (1924)
USA: Grebe, A.H. & Co.; Synchrophase MU-1 without chain (1924)
USA: A-C Dayton Co., A-C XL-5 Polydyne (1924)
USA: Crosley Radio Corp.; 50 (1924)
USA: Federal Radio Corp. 61 (1924)
USA: Gilfillan Bros.Inc.; GN-3 (1924-26)
USA: Crosley Radio Corp.; Super Trirdyn Regular (1925)
USA: Acme Apparatus Co.; Acmeflex 5-Tube Reflex Kit Model S-2 (1925/26)
USA: Grimes, David Inc.; Inverse Duplex Reflex 4DL (4D) (1925?)
USA: General Instrument SixSeventyOne (671) (1926)
USA: Pilot Electric Mfg. Super Wasp K-110 (1927)

Some example tube pages for sets you can see there:

Transmitter Triode, liquid- ML-891


Since 1991, our museum has been dedicated to educating the public about the history of electronic comunications, with a particular focus on Connecticut's contributions to that evolution.

Thousands of hours have been put in by our dedicated volunteers and if you'd have asked us when we started if the museum would have grown into what it is today, we never would have imagined.

Museum displays cover the periods from the mid 1850s up until the dawn of the computer age in the 1970s. Items on display include:

Telegraph Radios -Crystal, battery, AC, transistor
Telephone Televisions
Typewriters Industrial Equipment
Movie Equipment Telephone Central Office Equipment
Television Studio Equipment Microphones
Recording Studio Equipment Vacuum Tubes
Equipment Repair
The museum also houses an extensive research library with factory manuals, schematics, QST magazines and other historical data. Additionally we have vacuum tubes for sale.

Amateur radio station - W1VCM

Visit the museum’s amateur radio station W1VCM and hear ham operators from all over the world communicating in voice and Morse code. Visiting hams with a valid copy of their license can even operate the station. We also have a fine exhibit going back to the days hams built their own radios. presents here one of the many museum pages. We try to bring data for your direct information about all that is relevant. In the list (link above right) you find the complete listing of museums related to "Radio & Co." we have information of. Please help us to be complete and up to date by using the contact form above.



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