Anti-interference filter unit 732

Anti-interference filter unit 732; Eddystone, (ID = 2308453) Power-S Anti-interference filter unit 732; Eddystone, (ID = 2309087) Power-S
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Anti-interference filter unit 732; Eddystone, (ID = 2308453) Power-S
Eddystone,: Anti-interference filter unit 732 [Power-S] ID = 2308453 801x981
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For model Anti-interference filter unit 732, Eddystone, Birmingham:
Manufacturer's documentation.
Country:  Great Britain (UK)
Manufacturer / Brand:  Eddystone, Birmingham
alternative name
Stratton & Co.Ltd.; Birmingham
Year: 1948 ?? Category: Power supply/conditioner or battery or charger 
Wave bands - without
Power type and voltage AC/DC-set
Power out
from Model: Anti-interference filter unit 732 - Eddystone, Birmingham
Material Metal case

Designed to reduce mains borne electrical interference, particularly on short and medium wavelengths. Recommended for use with shipboard receivers powered from dynamos that may suffer from commutator sparking.

Supplied with two-pin plug and socket, and requires separate connections to earth and receiver earth. Contains two RF chokes in series with line and neutral and three 0.05 microfarad bypass capacitors. May not be compliant with modern safety standards.

Early versions did not have the anodised data plate.

Maximum current 0.5 A.

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