Lamp Battery 1289

Lamp Battery 1289; Ever Ready Co. GB (ID = 1357235) Fuente-Al Lamp Battery 1289; Ever Ready Co. GB (ID = 1357231) Fuente-Al
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Lamp Battery 1289; Ever Ready Co. GB (ID = 1357235) Fuente-Al
Ever Ready Co. GB: Lamp Battery 1289 [Fuente-Al] ID = 1357235 653x837
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For model Lamp Battery 1289, Ever Ready Co. (GB) Ltd.; London:
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País:  Gran Bretaña (GB)
Fabricante / Marca:  Ever Ready Co. (GB) Ltd.; London
Año: 1934 ?? Categoría: Fuente de alimentación o bateria o estabilizador de tensión
Gama de ondas - no hay
Tensión de funcionamiento Is a battery or storage battery / 4.5 Volt
Altavoz - - No hay salida de sonido.
Potencia de salida
de Modelo: Lamp Battery 1289 - Ever Ready Co. GB Ltd.; London
Ancho, altura, profundidad 62 x 65 x 22 mm / 2.4 x 2.6 x 0.9 inch

This Zinc Carbon battery pack contains 3 x "B" Cells (U10). A more modern equivalent is the Varta Super 2012 3R12 (the R12 is IEC designation for "B" size").

Commonly used in cycle rear lamps and pocket torches in the UK till 1980s and pairs in some German Transistor radios. UK makers perferred the PP11 if a centre tap needed or else a PP9.

Originally about 2500mAH. As compatible Panasonic, Camelion, Duracell and Varta are available these can be used as source of U10/"B" cells to make more "authentic" replica packs than using "AA". An Alkaline "AA" however is about the same capacity as Zinc Carbon "B" cell. One supplier has AA adaptor.

Connection type: short and long "Brass" strips

Equivalents: BA6108 and many compatible size "3R12" packs.

This Philco A3782 Battery valve portable uses the 1289 as power for torch built into tuning knob.

The 3 x 1T4 filaments on the Sweetheart WWII covert radio used the 1289

Peso neto 0.125 kg / 0 lb 4.4 oz (0.275 lb)

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