Marconi Six (6) 296 Ch= 633W 2me série

Marconi Six 296 Ch= 633W; Marconi marque, Cie. (ID = 2252056) Radio
Marconi Six 296 Ch= 633W; Marconi marque, Cie. (ID = 424903) Radio Marconi Six 296 Ch= 633W; Marconi marque, Cie. (ID = 424905) Radio
Marconi Six 296 Ch= 633W; Marconi marque, Cie. (ID = 424902) Radio Marconi Six 296 Ch= 633W; Marconi marque, Cie. (ID = 424901) Radio
Marconi Six 296 Ch= 633W; Marconi marque, Cie. (ID = 424904) Radio Marconi Six 296 Ch= 633W; Marconi marque, Cie. (ID = 527839) Radio
Marconi Six 296 Ch= 633W; Marconi marque, Cie. (ID = 2248697) Radio Marconi Six 296 Ch= 633W; Marconi marque, Cie. (ID = 1990123) Radio
Marconi Six 296 Ch= 633W; Marconi marque, Cie. (ID = 409331) Radio Marconi Six 296 Ch= 633W; Marconi marque, Cie. (ID = 409332) Radio
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Marconi Six 296 Ch= 633W; Marconi marque, Cie. (ID = 424903) Radio
Marconi marque, Cie.: Marconi Six 296 Ch= 633W [Radio] ID = 424903 525x700
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For model Marconi Six (6) 296 Ch= 633W 2me série, Marconi (marque), Cie. Fse. du Gramophone; Paris
Paese:  Francia
Produttore / Marca:  Marconi (marque), Cie. Fse. du Gramophone; Paris
Anno: 1934/1935 Categoria: Radio (o sintonizzatore del dopoguerra WW2)
Valvole 6: 35 24 35 56 47 80
Semiconduttori (transistor solo contati) Westector
Principio generale Supereterodina con stadio RF; ZF/IF 128 kHz; 2 Stadi BF
Gamme d'onda Onde medie (OM) e onde lunghe (OL).
Tensioni di funzionamento Alimentazione a corrente alternata (CA) / 90; 110; 130; 150; 220; 250 Volt
Altoparlante AP elettrodinamico (bobina mobile e bobina di eccitazione/di campo) / Ø 21 cm = 8.3 inch
Potenza d'uscita Modello: Marconi Six 296 Ch= 633W [2me série] - Marconi marque, Cie. Fse. du
Materiali Mobile in legno
Forma Soprammobile verticale (sviluppato in altezza; no cattedrale, sin decorazioni).
Dimensioni (LxAxP) 410 x 480 x 265 mm / 16.1 x 18.9 x 10.4 inch

2 gammes d'ondes : PO de 200 à 570 m, et GO de 900 à 2000 m. Détection par élément Westector (oxyde du cuivre).

Ébénisterie en noyer et macassar, rétrécissant vers le haut.

Châssis similaire au Pathé 64 (schéma). Voir aussi modèle Marconi Six (1re série, type 295).

À noter : différentes types de châssis sont connus (appellés "modèle" sur la plaque du type), ex. 633W, 633W1, 633W15) - avec des différences inconnues. Reste à determiner.

Peso netto 17 kg / 37 lb 7.1 oz (37.445 lb)
Prezzo nel primo anno 1'750.00 FRF
Bibliografia -- Original prospect or advert (Cherbourg-Éclair, 28.02.1935)
Letteratura / Schemi (1) -- Original prospect or advert (L'Est Républicain, 28.04.1934)
Letteratura / Schemi (2) La Nature, 1934 2ème, p.281

Modello inviato da Michael John. Utilizzare "Proponi modifica" per inviare ulteriori dati.

Elenco delle radio e altri apparecchi della Marconi (marque), Cie. Fse. du Gramophone; Paris
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Marconi marque, Cie.: Marconi Six 296 Ch= 633W
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marconi: R8 & R9 values and others tips found on schematics
Vicente Moncholi-Cebrian

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on the restoration of a G.E. Marconi model 633W15 Type 296, and I found some differences with the schematics that is in the model information in RadioMuseum.

As you can see in the diagram, the values ​​of R8 and R9 are not printed, and I could not find any reference on the Internet to know the original values. But what can be known in the diagram are the values ​​of V-voltages across radio, so by doing tests I have come to the conclusion that the appropriate values ​​for both R8 and R9 are: 68K Ohms. At least with those values ​​I have achieved the correct values ​​for V.

Another difference I have found is: in schematics CV4 appears inside IF1 and CV6 inside IF2, but when looking inside IF1 and IF2 there is physically neither CV4 nor CV6, therefore the primary of the IF transformers can not be adjusted. I think that both CV4 and CV6 were not factory installed because I seems that I am the first one opening the IF cans.

Another difference found in the schematics is that the denomination of the adjustable capacitor that is located in parallel with the D contacts of the bands switch is not printed: this adjustable capacitor must be labeled C5. This C5 is only active in LW-GO-OL.

Other difference found is that in the schematics a connection is missing: the upper contact of D switch must be connected to the junction point between L7 and L8. It has been physically verified on the radio that this connection exists but it is not marked in schematics.

I hope this information is useful.


Vicente Moncholi - Seville - Spain



Mark Hippenstiel

Dear Vincente,

Thank you very much for this information.

An identical schematic as shown here was uploaded to model Marconi Six (first series). Both files do not have original model or chassis information, this was added later. Furthermore, the schematic present here had "Typ 296" added to it while the model is a type 295. I have deactivated both as they were modified and are not strictly pertaining to those models - you can still find the complete schematic from the Schmémathèque Toute la Radio with notes at model Pathé 64.

As you can also read in the model remarks on both models, there are differences between chassis versions that we do not (yet) know. Currently the known chassis 633W, 633W1 and 633W15 are grouped together for simplicity.

Perhaps you can upload an image of the type plate for clarification. You write "633W15 Type 296" while we list this model as type 295. Unfortunately, the images present here don't have a sufficient resolution to read the plate.

Thanks and kind regards

Mark Hippenstiel

I have submitted changes to the model to change the type from 295 to 296. This information was introdcued by me in 2016 based on the model name ("Marconi Six") and the available data at the time.

Also I have rephrased the model text to clarify that the "equivalent" Pathé model can be slightly different. We currently have no information if type 296 was delivered with chassis 633W, W1 or W15 - I am assuming that it's probably starting from 633W15 as this is a newer version than the original 633W.

We can only collect the data and come to a conclusion later on when sufficient evidence is present, or when we get hold of an original service manual.

Thanks again,

Vicente Moncholi-Cebrian

Hi Mark,

thanks for your inputs.

I´m trying to do my best with this radio, correcting issues and verifying changes on schematics.

It seems I received a set complete with all original components, but in very poor condition: dust from decades inside, components degraded out fo tolerance,...

Has been very painful to put radio set to work because it needed to reconstruct almost all, including lot of cabling, the two capacitor blocks, dc filter capacitors, substitued all resistors except two, and all capacitors, and the type 47 tube.

Fortunately inductances and IF cans are OK, except discrete components inside, speaker and excitation inductance are OK, AF transformers OK, Westector OK.

By the way, I tried to susbstitute Westector with a pair of 1N54A and it worked, and then returned Westector on place to maintain it inside.

Here I attach photo of model and type.

When finish all test I download a corrected schematics as verified phisically on radio.

Thanks and regards,

Vicente Moncholi


Vicente Moncholi-Cebrian

Hope this info can help.

I have investigated the wiring of the speaker area to clarify the connection scheme from the radio chassis to the terminal strips plate.

Also to know the arrangement of the inductances: moving coil, excitation coil, auxiliary coils.
The diagram developed by hand is attached to help those who have to work with this radio.


Vicente Moncholi-Sevilla - Spain


Vicente Moncholi-Cebrian

Hello everyone,

radio set now working OK.

Please find attached final schematics based on radio Pathé 64, updated as wiring and components found and verified on the radio Marconi Six model 633W15 Type 296.

Hope this may help others working on this radio.


Vicente Moncholi - Sevilla - Spain


Marconi marque, Cie.: Marconi Six 296 Ch= 633W
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