87A Chassis Only

87A Chassis Only; Patterson Radio Corp (ID = 1630575) Radio
87A Chassis Only; Patterson Radio Corp (ID = 1630576) Radio
87A Chassis Only; Patterson Radio Corp (ID = 1630288) Radio 87A Chassis Only; Patterson Radio Corp (ID = 1630291) Radio
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87A Chassis Only; Patterson Radio Corp (ID = 1630288) Radio
Patterson Radio Corp: 87A Chassis Only [Radio] ID = 1630288 725x933
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Für Modell 87A Chassis Only, Patterson Radio Corp.; Los Angeles
Land:  USA
Hersteller / Marke:  Patterson Radio Corp.; Los Angeles
Jahr: 1937 Kategorie: Rundfunkempfänger (Radio - oder Tuner nach WW2)
Röhren 8: 6K7 6A8 6K7 6K7 6G5 6Q7 6F6 5X3
Hauptprinzip Super mit HF-Vorstufe; ZF/IF 465 kHz; 2 NF-Stufe(n)
Anzahl Kreise 9 Kreis(e) AM
Wellenbereiche Mittelwelle und mehr als 2 x Kurzwelle.
Betriebsart / Volt Wechselstromspeisung / 110-125; 220-250 Volt
Lautsprecher Dynamischer LS, mit Erregerspule (elektrodynamisch) / Ø 12 inch = 30.5 cm
Belastbarkeit/Leistung 4 W (Qualität unbekannt)
von Modell: 87A Chassis Only - Patterson Radio Corp.; Los
Material Metallausführung
Form Chassis - Einbaugerät

This model is a chassis and 12" speaker sold without a cabinet. It was also used in the Patterson model 90.  It had three bands covering 15 to 550 meters, with an optional band covering 750 to 2300 meters. It is equipped with a tuning eye tube. It as advertised as being "climate proof," with all transformers, coils, and condensers (capacitors) vacuum impregnated. A high fidelity switch broadens the response curves of the intermediate frequency transformers.

This chassis is the same as the 87 chassis except that this chassis has a 12" speaker while the 87 chassis has a 8" speaker.

There is a tube lineup conflict between Riders and a Patterson advertising brochure, with the  Riders showing the rectifier tube as a 4 pin 5X3 while the brochure showing an octal 5Y4G.  Also, the brochure states that all tubes are the new "G" type tubes (6K7G, 6A8G, etc..) while Riders does not show the G tubes in the schematic. The model reflects the Riders tube lineup.

Originalpreis 67.50 USD
Datenherkunft extern Ernst Erb
Schaltungsnachweis Rider's Perpetual, Volume 8 = 1937 and before
Literaturnachweis Rider's 8-7, 8-8

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