World Space Digital Satellit-Receiver DSB-WS 1000

World Space Digital Satellit-Receiver DSB-WS 1000; Sanyo Electric Co. (ID = 466790) Radio
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World Space Digital Satellit-Receiver DSB-WS 1000; Sanyo Electric Co. (ID = 466790) Radio
Sanyo Electric Co.: World Space Digital Satellit-Receiver DSB-WS 1000 [Radio] ID = 466790 700x487
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Pour le modèle World Space Digital Satellit-Receiver DSB-WS 1000, Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.; Moriguchi (Osaka):
The antenna is not a dish - its a patch antenna. It works quite well indoors. It isn't weather proof. Sound is CD quality stereo.
Pays:  Japon
Fabricant / Marque:  Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.; Moriguchi (Osaka)
Année: 2000 ? perfect model Catégorie: Radio - ou tuner d'après la guerre 1939-45
Semi-conducteurs (seuls les transistors sont comptés) Semi-conducteurs présents
Principe général Appareillage spécial ? Renseignements souhaités SVP.
Gammes d'ondes Bandes en notes.
Tension / type courant Piles (rechargeables ou/et sèches) / 3 Volt
Haut-parleur HP dynamique à aimant permanent (bobine mobile) / Ø 4 inch = 10.2 cm
Puissance de sortie 3 W (qualité inconnue)
De Modèle: World Space Digital Satellit-Receiver DSB-WS 1000 - Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.;
Matière Plastique moderne (pas de bakélite, ni de catalin)
Forme Modèle de table avec réveil ou horloge.
Dimensions (LHP) 260 x 60 x 180 mm / 10.2 x 2.4 x 7.1 inch

1430-1490 MHz L-Band broadcast band digital stereo receiver for Worldspace channels using special chipset. Has its own patch antenna. Stations are digitally selected, rather than tuned using the remote.

See World Space Digital Satelit-Receiver KH-WS1 for infos aboud Worldspace

Poids net 1 kg / 2 lb 3.2 oz (2.203 lb)
Prix de mise sur le marché 2'000.00 rands
Schémathèque (1) - - Manufacturers Literature

Modèle crée par Bryce Ringwood. Voir les propositions de modification pour les contributeurs supplémentaires.

Tous les appareils de Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.; Moriguchi (Osaka)
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Sanyo Electric Co.: World Space Digital Satellit-Receiver DSB-WS 1000
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sanyo: DSB-WS 1000; Reply to a question from Uganda
Bryce Ringwood

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Matega, Richard



Please i need your help!i have failed to tuned stations of my choice on world space radio model DSB-WS1000 because i can't pay subcription.please help!

Reply from Ernst cc'ed to me:

Dear Metaga
Please give us the URL (the internet address) of the model page here you refer to.
Or is it this one?
Can you send photos from the front, top and side so that we can refer to when we can help?
I send you a text below how to do that.
I send a BCC to the owner of such a set, Bryce Ringwood (in ZA).

Are you a user of this radio only or a collector of radios?
If you are a collector, then I might be able to offer you a free membership.
Ernest, Switzerland

You should take some distance and use a zoom if possible. Good light, no flashlight is best.
If it has doors or drawers, please when closed and when opened and pictures of the contents (like record player etc.).

Please take also the rear, if possible the chassis and important is the plate(s) and/or sticker(s) in a way that they are then readable. Frontal but without flash light the scale/escutcheon could also be of importance (wave bands etc.).

We will then create a model page and load up the pictures with a caption:
By courtesy of guest Matega Richard, Kampala, Uganda, Africa.
Or please give us what you think you like to see as courtesy remark.

Ernest, Switzerland
We are 9100 members and we try to build up the most complete reference work for radios and related. Each model page can help others - guests and members ...

Here on post 4 you see what is the result of our work:
(Link to radiomuseum forum - Ernst's article on the museum)

My Reply to Richard Metaga and Ernst:

Dear Colleagues,

Nice to hear from someone in Uganda - a very beautiful country. I would like to visit again soon.

Worldspace has gone bankrupt. My radio (also a DSB-WS1000) will only receive a few free-to-air stations - BBC, NPR, RFI, WRN1 and 2 and Channel Islam. These are being beamed to Southern Africa - I don't know if they can be received in Uganda. The web site is up for sale  and the other domain is now owned by someone else. The offices in Craighall, Johannesburg are now dilapidated - a sorry sight to behold.

In Uganda, you would have to have your patch antenna more or less flat on top of the set. It won't work indoors in a flat. Use it outdoors. Select Beam 3 (Afrisat). Apart from the display, these sets don't give you a hint they are working - there is absolutely no background noise or hiss.

Someone in South Africa was going to get it going again, but they had problems with our Government.

R.I.P Worldspace - it was a lot of fun while it lasted.

Kind regards - hope this helps a little,

(Reply slightly edited - B.R)

Note: Worldspace had very stiff competition from DSTV in Africa, which offers hundreds of radio stations in addition to a huge number of TV stations, in comparison to Worldspace's 96 radio channels. Internet radio offers tens of thousands of radio channels - nearly all free-to-air. Worldspace is being re-launched in India, but will be Internet based.

Sanyo Electric Co.: World Space Digital Satellit-Receiver DSB-WS 1000
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