Schönbrunn III (3)

Schönbrunn III ; Telefunken; Wien (ID = 446046) Television
Schönbrunn III ; Telefunken; Wien (ID = 446047) Television
Schönbrunn III ; Telefunken; Wien (ID = 1299565) Television
Schönbrunn III ; Telefunken; Wien (ID = 445929) Television
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Schönbrunn III ; Telefunken; Wien (ID = 445929) Television
Telefunken; Wien: Schönbrunn III [Television] ID = 445929 933x637
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For model Schönbrunn III (3), Telefunken; Wien
Country:  Austria
Manufacturer / Brand:  Telefunken; Wien
Year: 1970 Category: Television Receiver (TV) or Monitor
Valves / Tubes 11: PCF201 PCF200 PFL200 PL84 PCH200 PCL805 PCF802 PL504 PY88 DY802 A50-120W or A61-120W
Semiconductors (the count is only for transistors) 7:
Main principle Superheterodyne (common)
Wave bands Wave Bands given in the notes.
Power type and voltage Alternating Current supply (AC) / 220 Volt
Loudspeaker Permanent Magnet Dynamic (PDyn) Loudspeaker (moving coil)
Power out
from Model: Schönbrunn III - Telefunken; Wien
Material Wooden case
Shape Tablemodel with Push Buttons.
Notes Chassis ident mit Kapsch Viennastar 1025.
Empfangsbereich: VHF/UHF.
2 Ausführungen mit 50cm- oder 61cm Bildröhre.
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