T8Z; Telefunken - Krajowe (ID = 496836) Radio
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T8Z; Telefunken - Krajowe (ID = 280003) Radio
Telefunken - Krajowe: T8Z [Radio] ID = 280003 800x630
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For model T8Z, Telefunken - Krajowe Zaklady, Warszawa
País:  Polonia
Fabricante / Marca:  Telefunken - Krajowe Zaklady, Warszawa
Año: 1938/1939 Categoría: Radio - o Sintonizador pasado WW2
Válvulas 8: ACH1 EF9 EB2 EF6 EFM1 EL3 EL3 RGN2004
Principio principal Superheterodino en general
Gama de ondas OM, OL y OC
Tensión de funcionamiento Red: Corriente alterna (CA, Inglés = AC) / 220 Volt
Altavoz 2 Altavoces
Potencia de salida
de Modelo: T8Z - Telefunken - Krajowe Zaklady,
Material Madera
Forma Sobremesa, caja, normalmente con tapa (panel no inclinado).
Ancho, altura, profundidad 640 x 370 x 290 mm / 25.2 x 14.6 x 11.4 inch
Anotaciones Radio scale visible in miror on botom radio case open lid.
Peso neto 22.6 kg / 49 lb 12.5 oz (49.78 lb)
Precio durante el primer año 750.00 zl
Procedencia de los datos - - Data from my own collection

Modelo creado por Zenonas Langaitis. Ver en "Modificar Ficha" los participantes posteriores.

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Telefunken - Krajowe: T8Z
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unknow Telefunken again
Zenonas Langaitis

Dear  colleagues, this Telefunken coming to my Radio collection.  Radio used in Lithuania till WW2. Set without back cower. No model nr. on chassis. Any notes.

It was small surprise for me - whan  I dont find any info in internet about  such model. So many unknown radios are !!   And from  famous radio companies...

But, its not easy find radio by picture only.

So, please for help. Radio scale is rightly  viewable  in mirror. Realy, all notes on radio scale glass  is  mirror-image.  Fix radio station knobs in front.  Here photos...



Andreas Steinmetz
  2 Hello Zenonas,

your radio looks very similar to the model "T8z". I think that the T8z comes from poland. But it has no station knobs. Your radio obviously has been "repaired" several times. Could it be that the station knobs are not original? I attached some pictures from the T8z-model. So you can compare the items. It is a long time ago when I got the pictures and I don´t remember where I got them from. As a result the pictures should not be used otherwise because we can´t ask the creator...



P.S.: The T8z uses the following tubes:
ACH1, EF9, EB2, EF6, EL3, EL3, EFM1, RGN2004

Edit: Pictures attached
Edit: EF6 instead of EBC3


Zenonas Langaitis

Thank you Andreas, its  good  news...

Ok, I  look later,  what about station knobs on set. I see on photos - radio case bottom on my radio is  twice  taller.

 I think - original knobs.   But   I'll   make  expertise  and  writing.   Maybe  were   some variants   Telefunken  T8  ?  

 some news...  in Poland radio site I found Telefunken T8z  

before  proposal  this model  to RMorg

so, question  only   about   station  knobs.. (?)   interesting... really its amateur  devolepment ?

analysis  continue...

Henryk Berezowski


Polnische Empfänger sind von den viele Jahr auf der Seite

Henryk Berezowski


Zenonas Langaitis

I get mail from Mr.  Henryk Berezowski from Poland.  He said -  no Telefunken T8,  with station program knobs, manufactured in Poland.

To be continued... 

I see - this unknown radio is not news in RMorg forum..

 Telefunken T8z  photo in forum  -     from  RMorg  member  Alois Steiner Radio collection :

 but - not  finish -  all  founded  at this time radios  Telefunken T8  variants,  without  station  knobs....

so...  maybe,  that the station program knobs are  really  not original....(?)


Ernst Erb

Well done, Zanonas, that you have now created a new model for this. I hope it will get both types of writing the name.

Then this thread should be moved to the model.
This is the only "good way" here to ask questions about an existing model.

First of all: The thread will not be lost.
Second: The question will (hopefully) not come up again and again.
Third: One can put photos to the model and schematics. One can give reference to similar models in the notes. Here it is certainly to German models with a similar case (7000/8000 etc.) - but inside quite different.
Forth: The radio catalogue is more complete.

I'm prety sure that these station buttons or knobs have been added later.

Zenonas Langaitis

Dear colleaques, you are right...

This polish  Telefungen T8Z  modernizet later, by radio amateur.  Creative work -  interesting and unsuspected.  News for me. 

At first,  I dont think,   that this radio have such surprise.

Thanks for all.

Marry Christmas !



Jürgen Stichling
Andreas Steinmetz

Dear friends,

some days ago Mr. Johann Leber told me that he had uploaded a circuit diagram. For that he had to analyse his own radio chassis because no official circuit diagram was available yet. Thanks a lot for that great work!
Additional information: An EF6 tube can be used as well as an EBC3 because G2 is connected with A and the diodes are not used.


Telefunken - Krajowe: T8Z
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