• Year
  • 1932
  • Category
  • Broadcast Receiver - or past WW2 Tuner
  • Radiomuseum.org ID
  • 63975
    • alternative name: American Bosch Magneto
    • Brand: Essex

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 Technical Specifications

  • Number of Tubes
  • 5
  • Main principle
  • TRF without regeneration; Screengrid 1926-1935
  • Tuned circuits
  • 3 AM circuit(s)
  • Wave bands
  • Broadcast (MW), Police, sometimes also early TV (75-200m).
  • Power type and voltage
  • Alternating Current supply (AC) / 115 Volt
  • Loudspeaker
  • Electro Magnetic Dynamic LS (moving-coil with field excitation coil)
  • Material
  • Wooden case
  • from Radiomuseum.org
  • Model: Personal 200A Treasure Chest - United American Bosch Magneto
  • Shape
  • Tablemodel, Box - most often with Lid (NOT slant panel).
  • Notes
  • Ornate wooden chest with lid over the controls. The little brass button on the control panel is the band switch. Pulling this button up switches to the Police Band. Pushing the button down switches to the standard AM Broadcast Band.

  • Price in first year of sale
  • 49.00 $
  • External source of data
  • Ernst Erb
  • Circuit diagram reference
  • Rider's Perpetual, Volume 3 = 1933 and before

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The little Brass Knob is NOT a MUTE Button

I am told it selects the POLICE band


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Bob Timms, 29.Feb.12

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