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Vacuum Tube Radio Ver.2

Vacuum Tube Radio Ver.2; Gakken Co. Ltd.; (ID = 361572) Kit
Vacuum Tube Radio Ver.2; Gakken Co. Ltd.; (ID = 361569) Kit Vacuum Tube Radio Ver.2; Gakken Co. Ltd.; (ID = 361570) Kit
Vacuum Tube Radio Ver.2; Gakken Co. Ltd.; (ID = 361571) Kit Vacuum Tube Radio Ver.2; Gakken Co. Ltd.; (ID = 361892) Kit
Vacuum Tube Radio Ver.2; Gakken Co. Ltd.; (ID = 361893) Kit Vacuum Tube Radio Ver.2; Gakken Co. Ltd.; (ID = 361894) Kit
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Vacuum Tube Radio Ver.2; Gakken Co. Ltd.; (ID = 361569) Kit
Gakken Co. Ltd.;: Vacuum Tube Radio Ver.2 [Kit] ID = 361569 491x700
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For model Vacuum Tube Radio Ver.2, Gakken Co. Ltd.; Ohtaku, Tokyo
Country:  Japan
Manufacturer / Brand:  Gakken Co. Ltd.; Ohtaku, Tokyo
Year: 1999 ?? Category: Kit (Parts plus instruction) or building instructions only
Valves / Tubes 3: 1K2 1A2_1R5 2P3
Main principle TRF with regeneration; 2 AF stage(s)
Tuned circuits 1 AM circuit(s)
Wave bands Broadcast only (MW).
Power type and voltage Dry Batteries / 1.5 / 45 (5x9) Volt
Loudspeaker Horn / Ø 15 cm = 5.9 inch
Power out
from Model: Vacuum Tube Radio Ver.2 - Gakken Co. Ltd.; Ohtaku, Tokyo
Material Plastics (no bakelite or catalin)
Shape Tablemodel, Tombstone = decorative upright, not cathedral but can have rounded edges.
Dimensions (WHD) 370 x 415 x 165 mm / 14.6 x 16.3 x 6.5 inch
Notes Gerät enthält eine Rahmenantenne und einen Lautsprecher-Trichter auf Mini-Lautsprecher 3 cm Durchm. Anodenspannung mit 5 Stück 9-V-Blockbatterien, Heizung mit R14-Zelle. Der Bausatz wird in China gefertigt, die chinesischen Röhren sind aus altem Bestand "NOS".
Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg) 0.5 kg / 1 lb 1.6 oz (1.101 lb)
Price in first year of sale 9'334.00 Yen
Source of data -- Collector info (Sammler)
Mentioned in -- Original-techn. papers.

Model page created by Felix Schaffhauser. See "Data change" for further contributors.

All listed radios etc. from Gakken Co. Ltd.; Ohtaku, Tokyo
Here you find 9 models, 9 with images and 2 with schematics for wireless sets etc. In French: TSF for Télégraphie sans fil.


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Gakken Co. Ltd.;: Vacuum Tube Radio Ver.2
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Vacuum Tube Radio; Gakken: Röhrenbezeichnungen doppelt
Wolfgang Eckardt

Die Röhrenbezeichnungen bei diesem japanischen Radio-Baukasten führen zu Irritationen. Die 3 verwendeten Röhren 1K2, 1A2, 2P3  sind zwar von der Bezeichnung her angelegt doch gibt es eine Doppelung.

Die Röhren 1K2 = 1T4= DF91  und 2P3 = 3A4 = DL93 sind im RM angelegt und die Verknüpfungen stimmen.

Bei der 1A2 = 1R5 = DK91 ist als 1A2 ein amerikanischer Eisen-Wasserstoff-Widerstand angelegt. Es müsste also eine Umbenennung (Zusatz anhängen) einer der beiden Röhren erfolgen.

Ich bitte  die Röhrenadministratoren um eine Meinung dazu.

Wolfgang Eckardt

Jacob Roschy
  2 Hallo Herr Eckardt

ich habe diese japanische 1A2 als 1A2_1R5 angelegt, so kann man auch sogleich ihren Äquivalenz- Typ erkennen.

M. f. G. J. R.

Ernst Erb

Gerade lese ich den Beitrag unseres Japanischen Sammlerfreundes, de uns hier mitteilte, dass das Modell die Röhren 1K2 (1T4 oder DF91) 1B2 (1S5 oder DAF91) und 2P2 (3S4 oder DL92) führen würde. Wir geben auf dem Modell 1K2 1A2_1R5 und 2P3 und das widerspiegelt den Schaltplan.

Wolfang Eckardt hat mit Recht darauf hingewiesen, dass man natürlich auch ähnliche Röhren verwenden kann - z.B. günstige Röhren aus China und darum der Vorschlag von unserem Mitglied aus Japan differiert.

Nur etwas war zu ändern: Vacuum Tube statt Vakuum Tube ...

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The GAKKEN Vacuum Tube Radio Ver. 2
Georg Richter
  1 Dear all,

the tube (valve) radio came alive ... in the 'GAKKEN Vacuum Tube Radio Ver. 2', released in October 2006:

enjoy from

The manufacturers website is Japanese language only,
try Altavista (for a less helpful translation).

Maybe one of our Japanese members could help with details?

Kind Regards

Taizo Nagahiro

Dear gentleman

I am an old radio boy living in Tokyo. Please call me Taizo.

In Japanese, “Gakken” is the language which omitted the meaning of “study research”.
Gakken is the company who sells books, magazine, the assembly kit, etc. various
for boys and girls for education
The head office is located in the town near-by in which I live.

This radio is the goods conceived in order to use the primitive radio-tubes(battery-operated)      in large quantities and was hit by chance in China
which is sold as one of the science kit series for not only boys and girls, for "grown-up”.

The vacuum tubes currently used are 1K2 (1T4/DF91), 1 B-2 (1S5/DAF91), and 2P2 (3S4/DL92).

About the loud-speaker, the volume is increased with the plastic horn (D150mm)
from mini size (D22mm) speaker.

The cases are made with all plastics.

Price is about 10000 Japanese Yen.

This radio is an object for the study of a principle, and does not become practical use.
Probably, it will be good for decoration of the room.

Many thanks!      Taizo



Ernst Erb

Dear Taizo

We are very glad to see the first post from Japan!
Three members yet are listed from Japan - but none did anything yet for RMorg - but you.
This is most common also for other countries - never mind.

I know that Japan has a very long tradition for radios - what is commonly not known here in Europe - and I think also in the USA it is not known generally. Japan has been recognised as a "copier" at the beginning of transistor radios but Japan has made major inventions (like the special variable condenser) for such objects.

Therefore it would be grat if you could persuade your radio friends in your country to play an active role here in RMorg. Every day more than 100 000 pages are opened worldwide from RMorg. Therefore your work will really be seen.

If you run into problems for putting in new models or loading up pictures etc. please click the blue info buttons and if that does not help you please write by using the contact form for help. The contact form can be found on each page in the bottom link "Contact".

Because this is a very special piece I hope the admins don't mind if you put this up as a new model (for 1999 because this is "the last year" we accept at present). I think the schematic is also a nice example how to use the tubes DF91, DAF91 and DL92 in a straight forward, simple way for experiments.

I have just introduced "your" tubes as 1K2 1B-2 AND 2P2. Please write them the same way including capital letters. Thank you. You are welcome.


Change on 10 Nov 2007:
Contact form entered instead of link (SPAM ...)

Ernst Erb
  4 I changed the 1B-2 to 1B2_1S5 to distinguish from the US ballast tube and to be conform with the schematic (1B2 is given, not 1B-2). Hopefully we are on the right track ;-)

In such cases we use the "underligne sign" because this has not been used by the makers. Quite often you find same tube designations for quite different tubes. If a tube often is written in different ways we may use code-9-entries to show which is our name for it and that we don't get models with different naming for the same tube.

We still have to change the tube line up of the model which I have put in question in the thread in German. Maybe there are two different versions of the model (or some errrors). We have to stick to the uploaded schematic.
Georg Richter
For those who are not able to buy this set (it seems to be sold out):

A fan from Toronto has made a nice video demonstration about unpacking, assembling (and listening to), the Ver.1
You need Flashplayer installed to enjoy.

Gakken Co. Ltd.;: Vacuum Tube Radio Ver.2
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