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Geri Meier, Switzerland - Tube collection

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Photo Geri Meier

Below you find a part of the tube collection Geri Meier.

Frühe & seltene Röhren. Detektor-Empfänger & Radios USA 1920er, 1930er Jahre.
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Excerpt from the tube collection of Geri Meier. These images (tube photos) were uploaded to the respective tubes or valves by Geri Meier.

AudioTron 1915
Cunningham Inc., E.T.; Harr... USA
TM-Fotos (E.C. & A. Grammont)
TM 1915
Common type France tube/semi... F
Q_Marconi 1916
Marconi's Wireless Telegraph... GB
V24 1916
Marconi's Wireless Telegraph... GB
ER Moorehead
ER_Moorhead 1916
Moorhead Laboratories (Pacif... USA
VT-1 1917
Western Electric Company Inc... USA
RE11 Telefunken
RE11 1918
Telefunken Deutschland (TFK)... D
VT-Class_II Moorhead-MarconiDF Type A
VT-Class-II 1919
Marconi Wireless Telegraph C... USA
VT-5 Western Electric
VT-5 1919
Western Electric Company Inc... USA
215-A Western Electric
215A 1919
Western Electric Company Inc... USA
UV 200 RCA Radiotron
UV200 1920
General Electric for Brand R... USA
R-type Marconi
R_Marconi 1922
MO Valve Co. Ltd.; GB GB
WD11 Radiotron
WD11 1922
Westinghouse for Brand RCA-R... USA
UV-199 RCA
UV199 1922
Common type Worldwide tube/s... ZZ
ARDE Ediswan
ARDE_HF 1923
Ediswan, Siemens Edison Swan... GB
LS5 MOV, Marconi-Osram Valves
LS5 1923 ?
Marconi-Osram - (Valves/Tube... GB
RT Dario
RT 1923
Dario (tubes) - voir aussi L... F
WD12 1923
RCA (RCA Victor Co. Inc.); N... USA
DV2 DeForest
DV2 1923
DeForest-Tubes USA
D-21_Sodion 1924 ?
Connecticut Telephone & Elec... USA
DE5 Marconi
DE5_Marconi 1924
MO Valve Co. Ltd.; GB GB
DE11 Cosmos
DE11 1924
Metropolitan-Vickers (Metro-... GB
BH Raytheon
BH 1925
Raytheon Mfg. Co.; Cambridge... USA
Bigrille-Ampli Grammont (Fotos)
Bigrille-Ampli 1925
Grammont (Radiofotos, Fotos)... F
DV3 DeForest
DV3A 1925 ??
DeForest-Tubes USA
DV5 DeForest
DV5 1925 ??
DeForest-Tubes USA
Micro-Bigrille RT-Dario
Micro-Bigril 1925
La Radiotechnique (RT); Pari... F
R5v M.O.V. Marconi-Osram Valves
R5V 1925
MO Valve Co. Ltd.; GB GB
SP18 Red Cosmos
SP18/R 1925
Metropolitan-Vickers (Metro-... GB
SP 18 RR Cosmos
SP18/RR 1925
Metropolitan-Vickers (Metro-... GB
Result: 1 to 30 from 366

Tube collector page of valve collector Geri Meier as «own HP at RMorg»
As a member of Geri Meier displays items in his/her tube collection. Tubes are called valves in British oriented countries.
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