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The best books on radio circuitry and radio servicing

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Thomas Albrecht
Thomas Albrecht
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01.Dec.07 18:27

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Dear friends,

Robin Roeckers in another_thread asked about resources to help with reading schematics, identifying components under the chassis, etc.  While this does not directly answer his questions, we can take the opportunity to create a thread with a list of the best books available in English for radio circuitry theory and practical radio servicing knowledge.

Some of the top choices would be:

1.  "Elements of Radio Servicing" by William Marcus and Alex Levy

2.  "Elements of Radio" by Abraham Marcus and William Marcus

Both of these are commonly available from used book dealers such as

Book #2 above was the book that helped me the most in learning radio theory.  It was written specifically to teach radio theory in a nonmathmatical manner, relying on illustrations, graphs, and discussion instead of mathmatical formulas to teach theory.  I read this book when I was about 14 years old, and it really opened my eyes and brought me to a new level of understanding of theory at that time.  Although some of us have the technical understanding to handle advanced theory literature, most people are going to be more comfortable with and learn more from a book like "Elements of Radio."

Book #1 is the most commonly cited book as being helpful for practical servicing advice.

I realize there are places in existing threads where these books are mentioned on RMorg, but there is no simple list of the best English radio-related books yet.  Perhaps if others add additional titles here, we can create such a list that is helpful for those who want to learn.  What are some of your recommendations?

Best regards,


Meyer Rochwerger
Meyer Rochwerger
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10.Dec.07 20:16

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You can download for free the whole  "Elements Of Radio Servicing" and other interesting stuff at:

Note: the archives are "public domain"


Dietmar Rudolph
Dietmar Rudolph
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08.Dec.08 15:04

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In the 1950ies there were several books on radio servicing and repair (Author: Ghirardi) available. Especially two of them are highly recommended and should be available from used book dealers.

  • Ghirardi, Alfred, A.: Radio and Television Receiver Circuitry and Operation, Rinehart &Company, Inc.1951
  • Ghirardi, Alfred, A.: Radio and Television Receiver Troubleshooting and Repair, Rinehart Books, Inc. 1952



Advertisement of Rinehart books on Radio, Television, and HiFi


Dave Turner
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23.Mar.09 00:52

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What a great site!  Lot of valuable information for someone new like me.  I really appreciate the tip on this.



Meyer Rochwerger
Meyer Rochwerger
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26.Apr.09 22:35

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I found a few more sites with good free electronic stuff to download.

Check it out at the links below:

www  (Practical Radio and Electronics Course - Beitman)

www  (Some NRI lessons)

http://www (Fix Your Old Radio)

www (Servicing by Signal Tracing)

www (troubleshooting help)

www (Tons of books and information)

www (US Navy electronic training course in 24 modules)

www (Allied's Electronics Data Handbook)




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Bryce Ringwood
Bryce Ringwood
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05.May.09 20:45

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Thanks to all for the great sites. If you can find it, this is interesting:-

"Practical Handbook of Valve Radio Repair" Chas.E.Miller, Newnes (Butterworth) London, 1982

ISBN 0-408-00593-9

Contains many items of interest, history, valve data, as well as a practical approach to repairing valve radios.



Dave Turner
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15.Feb.10 16:06

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Just found this recommendation.  Oddly enough, I recently purchased the "Elements of Radio"  and have truly found it very straightforward and useful to one just getting into radio.  I have read it cover to cover and find the whole thing very enlightening.  Found out that all I have is volume I of a 2 volume set.  But volume I covers most of what a beginner will need.

Thanks for the tip.

Dave Turner