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  Language  Type  Country  Title    Author  Period  Publisher 
1 en FZ AUS Electronics Australia (EA)
incorporating Radio, Television and Hobbies
  1965 Associated Newspaper, Ltd.
2 en FZ AUS Electronics Australia Today (eat)
Your Ultimate Technology Guide
  2001 Associated Newspaper, Ltd.
3 en FZ AUS Electronics Australia with Professional Electronics & ETI   1990 Associated Newspaper, Ltd.
4 en HZ AUS Radio & Electrical Retailer, Australia   1938 Australian Radio Publications Pty. Ltd.
5 en HZ AUS Radio and Electrical Merchant   1933 Australian Radio Publications Pty. Ltd.
6 en BZ AUS Radio and Hobbies in Australia   1939 Associated Newspaper, Ltd.
7 en HZ AUS Radio Retailer of Australia   Australian Radio Publications Pty. Ltd.
8 en AUS Radio Review of Australia  
9 en AUS Radio Technician   Australian Radio Publications Pty. Ltd.
10 en BZ AUS Radio Television & Hobbies   1955 Associated Newspaper, Ltd.
11 en AUS Radio Trade Annual   1933 Australian Radio Publications Pty. Ltd.
12 en club AUS Radio Waves (HRSA)
Journal of the Historical Radio Society of Australia (HRSA)
13 en BZ AUS Silicon Chip   Silicon Chip Publications Pty Ltd.
14 en BZ AUS The Australasian Radio World   1936 Trade Publications
15 en AUS The Listener In   United Press
16 en AUS West Australian Wireless News & Musical World   R.S. Sampson Brokensha Co
17 en AUS Wireless Weekly Australia  
18 en FZ GB Broadcaster, Service Man's Manual   1936 Wireless Retailer & Broadcaster
19 en club GB Bulletin of the British Vintage (BVWS, 73)   Hawes, Robert BVWS
20 en FZ GB The Wireless World, London (WW, 79)  
21 en FZ GB Wireless Magazine   Jones, Bernard E. 1925 Cassell and Company London
22 en FZ GB Wireless Weekly   Scott-Taggart 1923 Radio Press Ltd. London
23 en BZ USA Antique Radio Classified USA (ARC)  
24 en BZ USA Popular Mechanics  
25 en RA USA QST   ARRL - American Radio Relay League
26 en club USA Radio Age (MAARC)   Mid-Atlantic Antique Radio Club
27 en USA Radio Braodcast Magazine  
28 en USA Radio Craft, US Radio Journal   1929 Radcraft Publications Inc.
29 en FZ USA Radio Dealer, The   1922 Radio Dealer
30 en FZ USA Radio Design (US Magazine)  
31 en USA Radio Electronics (U.S. Magazine)   1948 Radcraft Publications Inc.
32 en FZ USA Radio Engineering (US Journal)  
33 en BZ USA Radio News (US Journal)  
34 en HZ USA Radio Retailing (Radio & Television R.)   1925 McGraw-Hill Publ.
35 en HZ USA Radio Today (and Television)   Caldwell Celemens Inc.; New York.
36 en USA Radio World (US Magazine)  
37 en club USA SCARS Gazette
Southern California Antique Radio Society
38 en USA Short Wave Craft   Popular Book Corporation
39 en BZ USA The AWA Journal, Quarterly Bulletin of the Antique Wireless Association, Inc. (AWAJ)   AWA
40 en BZ USA The Michigan Antique Radio Chronicle (MARC)   Michigan Antique Radio Club, Brooklyn, Michigan, USA
41 en BZ USA The Old Timer's Bulletin (OTB) from AWA   Antique Wireless Association, Bloomfield, New York, USA
42 en club USA Tube Collector
Magazine of the Tube Collectors Association (TCA)
  1999 Tube Collectors Association
43 en RA USA Wireless Age (Magazine)  
44 de FZ A das elektron
Elektro- und Radiotechnische Monatshefte
  Hausruck Verlag
45 de FZ A Das Funk Magazin (FM, 45)  
46 de BZ A Der Radiopraktiker   Exner, Walter Dipl.-Ing. 1949 Redaktion "Funk und Film"
47 de club A Museums Bote   Das Erste Österreichische Funk- und Radiomuseum
48 de FZ A Radio-Amateur Wien (RA, 46), (Österreichischer Radio Amateur, ÖRA)
Radiotechnische Monatsschrift; Monatsschrift für Radio, Tonfilm und Fernsehen
  Niedermayr, Fritz Technischer Verlag Bertold Erb
49 de club A Radiobote, Österreich  
50 de FZ A Radiotechnik, Die, Wien (RT 42)   Grünhut, A. Elektrotechn. Verein; Wien.
Result: 1 to 50 from 134
Periodical Overview

Literature Overview

Result: 1 to 50 from 6278
  Language  Type  Country  Title    Author  Period  Publisher 
1 en -- Electronics   Parker, P 1952 Arnold & Co
2 en -- Radio aids to navigation   Smith, R A 1947 university press
3 en -- Radio Laboratory Handbook   Scroggie, M.G.
4 en -- Television, How it works   Rider, John F. 1948 John F Rider Publishing
5 en -- Thermionic Valves, Their theory and design   Beck, A.H.W. 1953 University Press
6 en AUS Australian Official Radio Service Manual AORSM   1937 The Strand Press Pty. Ltd.
7 en AUS Australian Radio Trade Annual 1933
and Service Manual
  1933 Australian Radio Publications Pty. Ltd.
8 en AUS Australian Radio Trade Annual 1934
and Service Manual
  1934 Australian Radio Publications Pty. Ltd.
9 en AUS Australian Radio Trade Annual 1935
and Service Manual
  1935 Australian Radio Publications Pty. Ltd.
10 en AUS Australian Radio Trade Annual 1936
and Service Manual
  1936 Australian Radio Publications Pty. Ltd.
11 en AUS Australian Radio Trade Annual 1937
and Service Manual
  1937 Australian Radio Publications Pty. Ltd.
12 en AUS Australian Radio Trade Annual 1938
and Service Manual
  1938 Australian Radio Publications Pty. Ltd.
13 en AUS Australian Radio Trade Annual 1939
and Service Manual
  1939 Australian Radio Publications Pty. Ltd.
14 en AUS Just Astor
The Story of Astor and their Radios
  Smith, Rod Southwood Press Pty Limited
15 en AUS Mingay's "Radio Diagram & I.F. Index   Mingay, O.F. Australian Radio Publications Pty. Ltd.
16 en book tubes AUS "Miniwatt" TECHNICAL DATA
7. Edition
17 en AUS More Australian Radio   Smith, Rod Southwood Press Pty Limited
18 en AUS Radio Days
Australian Bakelite Radios
  Sheridan, Peter - Singer, Ritchie 2008
19 en AUS Radiotron Designer's Handbook    Langfort-Smith, F. 1934 The Wireless Press1. Edition
20 en AUS The Best Years of Australian Radio
An essential book for every enthusiast and collector
   Smith, Rod Southwood Press Pty Limited1. Edition
21 en AUS The Encyclopaedia of Western Australian Wirelesses and Gramophones   Rennie, Richard Papyrus Books
22 en book tubes B Brans, P.H. Radio Schema's, Antwerpen   Regelien's-Verlag
23 en book tubes B Röhren-Vademacum; P.H. Brans; Antwerpen   Brans, P.H. Regelien's-Verlag
24 en unknown CDN Come Quick Danger: A History of Marine Radio in Canada   Dubreuil, Stephan 1998 Fisheries and Oceans Canada
25 en CDN General Electric Radio and Television Service Manual 1945-1949   1949 General Electric
26 en CDN Marconi Service Manual (Volume 1)   Marconi
27 en CDN Marconi Service Manual Volume No. 2   Marconi
28 en CDN Radio College of Canada (RCC)  
29 en unknown CDN Radio Wizard   Anthony, Ian A. 2000 Gage Educational Publ. Co.
30 en cat new CDN Radios of Canada; Swackhammer  
31 en unknown CDN Signing On: The Birth of Radio in Canada   McNeil, Bill 1982 Doubleday Canada
32 en unknown CDN The Early Development of Radio in Canada 1901-1930
An Illustrated History of Canada's Radio Pioneers, Broadcast Receiver Manufacturers and their Products
  2005 Sonoran Publishing
33 en book tubes CS Manual of electronic tubes   Tesla Roznov
34 en book tubes D Buyers & engineers guide 1977
Professional analogue Integrated circuits
  1977 VALVO Unternehmensbereich Bauelemente der Philips GmbH
35 en D Components - technical desriptions and characteristics for students
englisch !
  Siemens 1986 Siemens
36 en D fifty years of electronic components, 1921-1971   Hazeu, H.A.G. 1971 Philips
37 en unknown D Langenscheidt's Dictionary of Physics, German - English   2001 Langenscheidt Fachverlag GmbH
38 en D PAL a variant of the NTSC Colour Television system
Special edition Telefunken Zeitung June 1966
  Bruch, Walter 1966 Telefunken
39 en D Radio and Data Systems for Railways and Public Transport   Engelmann, Alfred - AEG-Telef. 1975 AEG Telefunken
40 en D Siemens Pocket Handbook on Electrical Measurements   Siemens 1966
41 en D Technisches Taschenwörterbuch englisch - deutsch   Freeman, Henry G. 1972 Max Hueber Verlag
3. Edition
42 en D Telefunken (English Version)   Telefunken 1937 Telefunken
43 en book tubes D The Optoelectronics Data Book
for Design Ingeneers
   1970 Texas Instruments (Selbstverlag)1. Edition
44 en D 60 Years or Radar Technology in Ulm   Holpp, Wolfgang Airbus Defence and Space GmbH
45 en DK World Radio and TV Handbook (WRTH) 1973
 Ξ Frost, Jens M. 1973 WRTH
46 en DK World Radio and TV Handbook (WRTH) 1989
 Ξ Sennitt, Andrew G. Kuperus, Bart 1989 WRTH
47 en DK World Radio Handbook (WRH) 1947
  Johansen, Oluf Lund 1947
48 en DK World Radio-Handbook for Listeners, 112 S.
  Johansen, O.L. 1949 Dänemark
49 en GB A Critical Revew of Literature on Amplifiers for Radio Reception
Radio Research Special Report No 9
  n.n. 1930 Published under the Authority of his Majesty's Stationary Office
50 en GB A Handbook of Wireless Telegraphy
its Theory and Practice
  Murray-Erskine, James 1911 Crosby Lockwood and Son
3. Edition
Result: 1 to 50 from 6278

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