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The content of traces back to numerous sources. Some are old radio catalogs, radio leaflets, antique radio models etc. The basics were about 3000 pictures from the book «Radiokatalog». The author has paid for the copyright for a portion of these pictures - under the condition that this right is only used by himself. The holder of this copyright is entitled to institute proceedings against violators of the copyright, independent of the author.

Most of the other radio pictures, radio schematics, texts about radios etc. have been uploaded with great effort and in an unselfish way by other members. Some people repeatedly ignore the fact that texts, data, graphics and sound on the Internet are the result of great creativity and labor. Even being ignorant of the existence of a copyright one is not exempt from the consequences when one violates the copyright - which itself does not have to be declared explicitly.

The problem
Unfortunately all these creative radio collectors have to face the fact that other people or institutions copy, link and/or use in other ways their work without citation and approval. Doing so, these offenders do not respect the fact that all of this work on the Internet is copyrighted. We support the «Federal Federation of the Agencies for Press Picture Material and Picture Archives» and adopt their text from

"Does the freedom of the Internet also imply the freedom of usurping and illegally using other peoples' work?

We say no to stealing pictures from the Internet

Anyone who uses photos or graphics from the web, either commercially or privately, is obliged to make sure that the author of this work approves of its usage. It should never be the case that websites should base their success on stolen material.

We, for instance, have been authorized by the holder of the rights to use the radio schematics of Lange. The asks you as a radio collector to upload only information, radio pictures etc. which are your own work - free of copyright - for example old newspapers, radio brochures, leaflets from radio makers etc., or material which you are authorized to use. If you use material that is not yours, you are advised to name the source.

Moreover, we declare that we do not use your publications commercially.
This is a portal created by a radio amateur and radio collector, and many other radio collectors and radio amateurs by the thousands have contributed additional information.

Luzern, 22nd December 2002 (Ernst Erb HB9RXQ).

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