Terms of Use

These terms of use apply to registered users of the platform and regulate fair cooperation.

  1. RMorg is a part of a Non-Profit-Organization and is not a club. A member has rights and duties which is regulated, in part, by our points system (UACS). As a member, you are required to log on with RMorg at least twice a year (every six months). Failure to log on as required will result in suspension of your account.
  2. You are required to periodically “contribute” to RMorg by uploading data and/or pictures and schematics. You also can pay an additional fee to obtain points that may be used for more downloads. RMorg may irrevocably dispose of this non-personal data within the Platform. You may freely publish and use your data elsewhere.
  3. You will not sell or distribute to a third party any RMorg documents, pictures, or other information which did not originate from you.
  4. RMorg may store your log data and use it internally (see Privacy Policy).
  5. You will adhere to all existing and future rules governing activities within the Forum and the RMorg site.
  6. You will not enter false data into your profile.
  7. RMorg reserves the right to limit your rights at any time or to terminate your membership without reason if you violate the conditions or rules governing activities.
  8. Your emails to ... [AT] are not of private nature. These are handled by a team of member administrators.


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