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UACS short version 
23.Mar.09 22:26

Ernst Erb (CH)
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Ernst Erb

UACS (User Activity Control System) is our automatic exchange bureau. It governs the relationship of give and take. This system of credits helps to provide a fair exchange and limits abuse of our database.

A new member who has paid the one time fee receives 1000 points - this yelds 66 schematic pages (cost - 15 points) - or a combination of images (-3 points) and schematics. You see your points at the profile (below left as "Q:"). After uploading something, it is a ratio (Q value): 1: 360 - with ONE action you get 360 back!

Don't wait for you account to dry up. Providing information for the common good is our main goal.
There is a variety of activities such as creating a new model, upload model images to model pages (even if it has pictures), model enhancements, tube pictures, diagrams, and collector's prices - about 20 categories - see your profile (with the points). The return on your investment is very good, for example uploading one schematic page provides 5400 points, your own model pictures bring 1800 points and open or enlarge your collector page.

There are proven methods to format the data for sharing. Some reading and practice may slow you down, but there are tutorials and people to help you succeed.
If you want to go into details, you can click UACS - but it is a long thread. You can simulate with Excel.

Update 5th June 2009:
Members on option 1 (without one time fee) have first to fulfill the promise to be active - so just a dozen picture uploads are requested before such members can access the schematics. If you don't want or can't upload, you may pay an other one time fee (there) to be able to view another 66 schematics.

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