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Membership - payment or activity?

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Ernst Erb
Ernst Erb
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30.Apr.11 22:09

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I often get eMails complaining about the UACS - but also pleasant ones like this one I received just recently:

I would like to help contribute to the radio museum in some way.  I got an email that says i need to because i have used the site for schematics and haven't uploaded any.   Is it possible to send another payment and be reset? I don't mean to be insulting in any way .
I want to be a member that can still use the best site on the net.

Or after getting the automatic eMail from the server after having used 60 % of the points:
I have a couple of tube pictures not in the collection and I am not sure how to do so.

My answer to the first eMail here was:
It is possible to send an other PayPal by going to the page for a new membership when being logged out. It will give you another 1000 UACS points (66 schematics) ....

But it is much better for you, radiomuseum and the users to upload some pictures or begin with other activities - like entering realized collector prices found on eBay - for instance here. From sales offers - but not from other websites than sales - you can also produce pictures!

Just check before the model to see if somebody has already done so for that auction - normally this is not the case. By going to this task you find the instructions ...

One picture uploaded from your collection is 1800 points, nearly twice a payment! You see the point relations when going to your profile and scroll down to statistics.

You see, we try to create a most complete reference work - and you could be part of it ...
Please try out the different links and read the blue info buttons (do you know them?).
And perhaps first you click the link FAQ and read some of the texts ...

Raymond Ayling
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12.Apr.12 23:44

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Hi i uploaded a few pics on a couple of diffrent radios im really trying my best to give back to the site . i got my first few radios and downloaded some diagrams. im very new at this so giving back with good stuff will take time but im really trying