Data protection in this Internet portal

In order to protect your data we inform you about what data we store and how we use it. We are subject to the laws of data protection. We have taken the utmost technical and organizational measures to assure that all forms of data protection can be taken for granted.

Data about personal identity
Generally it is possible to use our online offerings without disclosure of your identity. If you are interested in getting more information and possibly want to participate on the team by adding information to the database to make it grow, you can enroll online as a member. In this case you will be able to upload data such as pictures and text in certain fields and to communicate with other members.

In order to protect you and our other members, we must verify your identity. We need your postal address (residence, postal code etc.) to contact you. Normally we correspond by email. We require the data mentioned above when you want to enroll.

Furthermore, we ask you for other means of contact such as telephone, fax, your radio amateur call sign, your age etc. and your collecting area of interest. This additional data gives us an interesting overview of the people constituting the members' circle. Some of these requests, however, are not mandatory.

In connection with your access the system stores data such as IP address, date, time and some pages opened. The right of statistical evaluation of anonymous data is reserved to the radiomuseum. The evaluation of such data allows us to assess the collectors` demands.

Information about personal identity is not disclosed to others.
We promise to use your data only within the protected server and not to transfer it to any other organization, firm, or other members. We do not sell, lease, or lend addresses and we do not send you mail from/for other organizations or people.

But on the contrary the contributions to our platform for texts, pictures and discussion are accessible to anybody. Before uploading your material you are strongly advised to carefully check that it does not contain any information which is not for public consumption.

No right for withdrawal.
You have to be aware of the fact that your uploading might be indexed by search engines and then will be available for anyone anywhere in the world, even without access to the Radiomuseum. Cancellation or correction of entries with foreign bodies are not possible.

You can always tell us when you have made a mistake with uploading. If you wish, we can correct or cancel your erroneous picture or text. We like to give you the necessary support and do our best to fulfill your wishes.

Uploads are a commitment to the members` society and also have to be considered as a donation to the public domain and therefore can not be withdrawn.

Use of cookies and Java Scripts.
Like almost any other interactive site we use cookies for operation (small data files with information about configuration), in order to recognize you as a member. We certify that we do not maintain any information about personal data. Most browsers are adjusted to accept cookies and Java Scripts automatically. You can eliminate the storage of cookies or adjust your browser to tell you when cookies are used. In the first case you can only join in as a guest. Switching off Javascript also means a massive restriction in function.

Links to other websites.
Our site contains links to other sites. We have no influence on them and can not reassure that they follow our instructions of data protection. Please inform us if you see anything strange. Our data is not available to other sites.

Luzern, 22nd December 2002 (EE)