Recording Details

New Year's Memories 22/23: Afternoon in CA synchronized with Europe's last hour of New Year's Eve

Recording Date
2022-12-31 22:30:00-08:00
3597 Seconds
Recording Location
Los Gatos (CA), United States of America (USA) (US) (121° 58′ W / 37° 14′ N)
Frequency Range
500.0 kHz - 1750.0 kHz
1250.0 kHz
Recording Device
1m whip antenna with PA0RDT pre-amp followed by a -20dB attenuator
Band Middle Frequency
1125.0 kHz
on board of the SDR, LPF 0 - 2 MHz
Pre-Amplifier Settings
on board LNA
Radio Station Announcement
station IDs are broadcast every hour, as close to the start of the hour as possible, at a natural programming break
This recording is in synchrony with the other ones on 31-12-2022 in the series 'New Year's memories 2022/23'; while Europe approached midnight and the SVK transmitters their final shutdown, Californian stations broadcast their afternoon programmes; thus the 'New Year's memories 2022/23' represent a unique package with synchronous snapshots of the AM spectrum at several different sites of the world.
Recorded by
Stan Roberts


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Radio Stations

Frequency SNR S-Level Country Programme TX Site TX Power Remarks
560 kHz 23 KSFO (Talk Radio) San Francisco CA
580 kHz 16 KMJ (News/Talk) Fresno CA
610 kHz 61 KEAR (Religious) San Francisco CA
650 kHz 11 KSTE (Talk Radio) Sacramento CA
680 kHz 40 KNBR (Sports) Redwood City CA
740 kHz 42 KCBS (News/Talk) San Francisco CA
770 kHz 17 KCBC (Religious) Manteca CA
810 kHz 48 KGO (Sports) San Francisco CA
860 kHz 37 KTRB (Talk Radio) San Francisco CA
910 kHz 31 KKSF (Talk Radio) Oakland CA
960 kHz 16 KNEW (Talk Radio) Oakland CA
990 kHz 8 KATB (Spanish Talk Radio) Pittsburg CA
1010 kHz 23 KIQI (Spanish Talk Radio) Pittsburg CA
1050 kHz 31 KNBR (Sports) Hayward CA
1080 kHz 17 KSCO (Talk Radio) Santa Cruz CA
1100 kHz 33 KFAX (Religious) Hayward CA
1120 kHz 8 KZSJ (Vietnamese) San Martin CA
1140 kHz 11 KHTK (Sports) Sacramento CA
1170 kHz 50 KLOK (Hindi Indian) San Jose CA
1200 kHz 7 KYAA (Religious) Santa Cruz CA
1220 kHz 27 KDOW (Financial Talk) East Palo Alto CA
1260 kHz 9 KSFB (Religious) San Francisco CA
1290 kHz 7 KAZA (Vietnamese) Gilroy CA
1310 kHz 15 KMKY (Hindi Indian) Oakland CA
1430 kHz 27 KVVN (Vietnamese) San Jose CA
1450 kHz - KEST (Chinese) San Francisco CA
1500 kHz 32 KSJX (Vietnamese) San Jose CA
1530 kHz - KFBK (Talk Radio) Pleasant Grove CA
1550 kHz 15 KZDG (Hindi Indian) Belmont CA
1590 kHz 26 KLIV (Vietnamese) San Jose CA
1610 kHz 13 ???? (Information Radio) Saratoga CA
1640 kHz 7 KDIA (Religious) Richmond CA
1670 kHz 7 WQGH344 (Information Radio) Cupertino CA