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Recording Details (SAQ Grimeton on World Radio Day 2023 13.02.2023, rec. Neunkirchen)

Overview Cohiradia
Recording Date 2023-02-13 14:43:01+01:00
Duration 2097 Seconds
Recording Location Neunkirchen-Seelscheid, Germany (DE) (7° 20' O / 50° 52' N)
Band VLF
Frequency Range 2.541 kHz - 65.041 kHz
Bandwidth 62.5 kHz
Recording Device RSP1a
Antenna 2x19m Dipol, Einspeisung 13m über Grund, abgespannt gegen Punkte 7m und 9m über Grund, Spann-Richtung N-S, nach S geneigt
Band Middle Frequency 33.791 kHz
Encoding ci16
Filter 30kHz LPF
Pre-Amplifier Settings Use of 15dB preamp and 30kHz LPF
Notes Antenna tuned by additional Inductance, small bandwidth
Recorded by Walter Barteczek
License Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL)
Download Link Download (RFCorder, SDRUno, SDR#)


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Radio Stations

Frequency SNR S-Level Country Programme TX Site TX Power Remarks
17.2 kHz 19 S SAQ Grimeton (Varberg)
18.1 kHz 36 RUS RDL various
18.3 kHz 40 F HWU Le Blanc
19.6 kHz 35 G GQD Anthorn
20.27 kHz 30 I ICV Tavolara
20.9 kHz 44 F HWU Le Blanc
22.1 kHz 29 G GZQ Skelton
23 kHz 10 RUS Time Signal Beta various
23.4 kHz 47 D DHO38 Rhauderfehn
26.7 kHz 12 ? ? ?

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