1p24b data sheet in English

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1p24b data sheet in English 
08.Nov.09 21:26

Joe Sousa (USA)
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Joe Sousa

Fellow Radiophiles, we hit the jackpot again.

MIT Electrical Engineering student Dimitri Turbiner has kindly translated the Russian data sheet for the 1p24b 100MHz filamentary power pentode.

The original Russian data sheet has more information that usual. This includes plots of input impedance and capacitance as a function of control grid voltage at 100MHz. There are also plots showing performance as a function of filament voltage.

Dimitri's translation even includes all the text in the graphs.

This data sheet is a gem and Dimitri has translated it perfectly.

Thank you Dimitri.



p.s.: The attached data sheet is divided in three parts because the complete data sheet size is 427k, and it exceeds the 200k file size limit. If you would like to dowload the data sheet in one file, you can retrieve it from my personal web page at:


More information about subminiature Russian tubes.


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1p24b data sheet in English 
12.Apr.17 11:15
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Ruben Garcia Bayon (E)
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Hi Joe


I was looking for some info about the 1p24b, and found this article. But now, (April 2017) your personal page at comcast.net is down.

I've found a "replica" of your page here:

The datasheet of 1P24B is here

There are a lot of interesting stuff..

Thanks and regards


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