60 years from the first radio set made by Radio Popular.

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60 years from the first radio set made by Radio Popular. 
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Francisc VISKY (RO)
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Francisc VISKY

In the Monitorul Oficial (Monitorul Oficial is the official gazette of Romania, in which all the promulgated bills, presidential decrees, governmental ordinances and other major legal acts are published.) nr. 252  1948, 29 october it is mentioned the fact that S.A.R. Philips- Bucuresti is renamed with Radio Popular Factory as a result of nationalization. From the installation, as radio manufacturer in Romania, Philips manufactured circa 60000 radio sets with imported parts.

In the next year 1949, the firs annual plan has started and so the first radio set based on the Russian model Rekord 47. Nobody has had the courage to change the name so the first Radio Popular radio has the same name: Record and an internal code S 49 U.
I can not explain the “S” but 49 is stated for the year of introduction in production and “U” for “universal”. AC-DC set. The textile and the model around the dial glass are from Philips (see Philips 32U). It was produced around 20000, S 49 U sets and many more based on the similar Russian products.

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