Allied Radio Catalog Archive (1929-1982)

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Allied Radio Catalog Archive (1929-1982) 
08.Oct.22 02:15

Mike Dalessio (USA)
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The new & improved website has been launched!

ALLIED RADIO & ELECTRONICS CATALOG ARCHIVE is an archive of old Allied catalogs from 1929-1982...and much more!

Over the years, the company name changed to included: Allied Radio, Allied/RadioShack, Schaak Electronics/Allied Electronics, Allied Electronics, and (currently) Allied Electronics & Automation. This site is a century-long history of Allied as viewed through their fascinating catalogs.

What's unique about THIS site is that you will be able to view these old Allied Radio & Electronics publications in a page-flipping format ...year by year by page.

Use this archive of Allied publications to research Allied products, see the progression of electronics technology, or just reminisce. Enjoy!

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