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B424K_SERIE100 (B424K_SERIE100)

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Peter den Boer
Peter den Boer
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11.Oct.11 10:58

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I fail to see the difference, electrically, between the B424K_Serie 100, the B424K and the glass type B424. All have a 4 Volt, 0.100 Amp filament (except fot the shielding of the B424K_Serie and B424K).

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Mark Hippenstiel
Mark Hippenstiel
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18.Oct.11 16:59

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Hello Peter,

there has been a discussion about that topic regarding the B442 already. Basically those tubes have been designed for 4V operation, but the "Series 100" have been specifically selected for 100mA heating - while the current on "normal" tubes might vary within production margins.

I see that we perhaps also still have to update the models from Staleman.


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Jean-Louis HEYD
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18.Oct.11 22:27

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Hello, It should be the anti-microphonic serie, such as A414K, B424K or B438K.