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Brand or Maker, Modelname - what to use?

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Ernst Erb
Ernst Erb
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01.Jan.06 09:19

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Reply  |  You aren't logged in. (Guest)   1 Maker, Brand or Modelname - is the question.
We face the following different situations:

Maker and brand are the same like Philips/Philips = no problem.

The same maker changes name(s) or brands
This was the case in the DDR (East Germany). To know the makers history in respect of his models this has to be transparent by listing all models under one name.
Rule 1: We have to see that we find ALL products of a certain well known maker/brand at the same place.

Maker and brand are different

We know the brand but not the maker
Rule 2: We always use the most often known name (brand or maker)
and we give reference to names not used here by code-9-brands/makers.
Rule 3 (Code-9): User has to find something for a given expression (brand or maker). 
When we upload a new brand/maker by using the link "Create new entries" and then  "Upload new manufacturer" we have the possibility to end the abbreviation name (in small letters only, max 10) with a "9" and to select group "Placeholder (see)". This will list this name as a maker/brand but will prevent that somebody can load up a model to it. It has to say: brand/maker XYZ - see zzz.

Only the brand is known and listed here
Most popular example in Europe:
Telefunken who never made broadcast radios or tubes before the WW2 but the parent companies, Siemens and AEG - for tubes their other daughter, Osram.
Rule 4: The field "maker" is always also the field for a brand.

There is no decision possible because sometimes the brand is listed and sometimes the maker.
If the maker has his name on the model too or is well known for this brand we use the maker and write the brand to the model name. It is often the case that a maker uses different brands.
Rule 5: The field "modelname" normally does not contain the maker or brand but there are exceptions.
In such cases this brand has to come on the maker's list as a code-9-name.
Example: Germany SachsenWerk (SW). Often you find prominent only Eswe as a brand name and therefore we have it in the name of the product (too) and have listed it as code-9-name.

A maker fabricates for different brands and it is commonly known that the sets are from a certain maker. We use the maker's name and see that there is a code-9-name for the brands. We may use the brand in the model name.

A maker fabricates different brands and the sets are commonly known by brand name - often the maker is not given on the set.
We list the sets for the different brand names and have these brand names listed "normally".
Example: Philips Switzerland. Philips branded the same model with 3 names: Philips, Mediator and Jura. All were externally slightly different but with the same chassis. We list the models under the brand names and give reference in the notes.

Unknown situation
If somebody does not know the real facts and has not found solid data in the internet etc., he/she has to list the model under the maker "unknown" for that country and to put the brand or maker's name to the model name. It is not yet necessary to list this name under code-9 because it may be just a model name instead of a real brand name.

Rule 6: If we don't know there will be a time somebody knows better and will change something to "reality".  It can be an iteration process.

If somebody comes across matters which he knows better this person is kindly asked to create a change directly on the model, using the link "Suggest change". If a companies name or a brand is changed one has to change the corresponding code-9-names too!