brunswick: Panatrope: Frequency range

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brunswick: Panatrope: Frequency range 
23.Oct.09 04:37

Georg Richter (D)
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Georg Richter

The British Brunswick LTD. London wrote about the Panatrope on a record sleeve: "This instrument holds you spellbound and makes the music of any record leap into life so marvellously that you think the original performance is beeing re-played. It can also be used as a perfect loud-speaker to your wireless set."

They detailed the difference between "The Old Method" (mechanical recording and reproduction)

and "The Brunswick Method":

Obviously there was also a difference between advertisement (frequency range 16Hz-21kHz for recording!) and truth - even if Brunswick records of those times was of similar quality as of some other major record companies. But they wrote about electrical reproduction with the Panatrope "There are no limitations to electrical recording."

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