Can anyone Identify this early clock radio?

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? Can anyone Identify this early clock radio? 
11.Oct.10 02:33

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 Hello every one,

A friend of mine is trying to figure out who made the following radio. The only information I have is the information listed in the following link. Its most likely made by emerson but if possible, I would like a model number.



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Please create a model page 
11.Oct.10 15:28
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Ernst Erb (CH)
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Ernst Erb

Dear Wyatt
This is a very interesting radio. Ingraham - as you surely know - made quite many extraordinary cabinets - like this one. Ingraham was also a clock maker ...

Can you please check the tube line up, the loudspeaker type, measure the set and create a model?
UNtil we know more about it your might best place it to the company Ingraham - but stating in the text that this clock radio has a chassis from a to us unknown manufacturer. As year you can provide 1933 with two question marks. Then you can upload the two pictures and please a close picture from the plate. Is there anything readable on the sticker?

Emerson (who did not manufacture it's own cabinets) was probably the main customer for Ingraham cabinets but there are also some other radio manufacturers who provided chassis to Ingraham or perhaps sold them, like General Electric, Stromberg Carlson - and Firestone (made by Emerson), the latter with an anonymous label. See the company description. In the internet you will find too many claims for an Ingraham cabinet. If they were from Ingraham, then they showed a plate like you show with your set. Normally Ingraham did unusually curved surfaces with corresponding bent veneers. They were difficult to duplicate without a good amount of woodworking skill and equipment. They also did inlays which are difficult to copy.

The collectors must be aware that sometimes such Ingraham plates were sold by collectors and put to any cabinets for getting a better sales price. An example are Zenith radios! There are also repro Ingraham tags around, some a bit larger than the original.

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