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capehart: capehart orchestrope M1W

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Douglas Cook
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04.Sep.20 19:35
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I am restoring this 1936 Jukebox.  The mechanism was grossly cannibalized and missing parts.  The posted ID 227884 is identical to the one I am restoring.  I need a picture of the bottom of the model B mechanism within this JB.  Attached is a picture of the one I am restoring.   Is there any possiblilty I could get a picture?

thank you

Doug Cook


Ernst Erb
Ernst Erb
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06.Sep.20 18:45
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Dear Douglas
Thank you for asking. Unfortunately you can see by looking at the pictures that I was the only one who loaded up pictures - and it was from only one source. As usual you can see in the caption of the pictures which action and which seller they came from.

Since this was in 2012, when I tried to capture all special models from Capehart Corp, the auction number does not help anymore but maybe you can find the seller? He might be willing to give you the address of the buyer (in best case).

You can find out more by copying the model name into Google and by looking also at ARF what was the discussion.

It would help a lot (as you can see now) if our members (like you) would post their detail pictures to the model page ... You would have answers and you would have direct addresses of members who possess such items. Exactly this was my intent (and many others, like collecting prices, schematics etc.) when I built up RMorg (beginning 1999).

IN other words: "All vessels for data and images are of little use if members do not fill them ..." Will you?