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Chassis 110-G Panamuse - and the right pictures ...

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Ernst Erb
Ernst Erb
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04.Sep.12 18:48

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This model was created with the input of a Rider's schematic first: It is W-940 for model 110-G, Panamuse and there is a second chassis W-941 called model 110-G, Panamuse Amplifier from March 21, 1938. The Rider's Schematic for the Panamuse Tuner is from March 9, 1938. It shows 3 tuning bands, tube 6K7 is RF, 6A8 soc mixer, 6K7 IF, 6H6 2nd det etc., 6G5 mag. eye, 6K7 1st AF. 3-gang tuning condenser. Separate chassis for AF shows 6N7, 6C5 and two 6V6G for push-pull plus rectifier 5Z3. There is a socket for a elecromagnetic moving coul speaker plus an outlet for a possible external permanent magnetic speaker. Two transformers possible, 1543 (öus part 20106) for 60 cycles or 1544 (plus part 20107) for 25 cycles.

A member loaded up pictures from an eBay sales - and I have an ad which could fit of a Hepplewhite for $ 595, which could be from the family 110G ... It is called De Luxe Hepplewhite with foreign and domestic reception and was available either in Mahogany or Walnut.

I don't know yet if one of the pictures fit or which fits an other model. I put my pictures here (further down) just to later find the truth.

The top picture in the ad is for DeLuxe Adam cabinet - price $ 1045 - and it could be for 406G Adam 1938/39.
The picture in the middle is a DeLuxe Hepplewhite cabinet, price $ 595, turns (20) records over, equipped for TV sound, can be Mahogany or Walnut, lowest range in the DeLuxe models, which can go up to $ 2500 (500 Empire). It is therefore a Series 100, but Baumbach does not list a Hepplewhite for this series - but has shown us a model 110 without name where $ 595 fit into the G year, 1938/39.
The bottom picture (and text) is for a Capehart-Panamuse Sheraton cabinet for $ 179.50, the range having a price from $ 159.50 to 299.50 - with a "new" automatic phonograph (not turning over).It offers nearly an hour continuous music.

Specially the middle picture nails me down to season G for 1938/39 and 110 for series 100, making the others also saison G, but Panamuse may have arrived at season F. The price for the top model fits into 406G Adam.

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